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Field rule changes for 2017

From Field V.P. David Sanford:

I hope everyone is having a good fall.  I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the NAC and NOC in the next month.

The Board of Governors held a special meeting on October 24, 2016.  We have determined that based on the feedback from the trial community, the Judges Enhancement program should be postponed indefinitely, until we have had a chance for public comment and input for implementation.  This public input will resemble the survey used on the pro to amateur status change.  This means that the old apprentice program will remain in place until a new rule is approved.  The new rule stating there is a requirement for senior judges to attend a seminar, or run a dog, is also postponed.

The board discussed the challenges that clubs are experiencing finding judges under the current judging rule.  After much discussion, the board has determined that the judges should be able to judge three times in a calendar year. This removes the once in an interclub restriction that was previously in effect.  The goal of this change is to make finding judges easier, and hopefully reduce the overall expense of judges.

Good luck to everyone at nationals.

David Sanford
Field Vice President

Field Trial “Blue Book”

An updated version of the Blue Book is posted here.

From Bev Matthews, Field VP:

A huge thank you to Bob Iversen and Janet Christensen for their many, many months of reviewing every page of the Blue Book and updating it to match today’s Field Trial environment.  These new books will be available in early 2016 from the Parent Club store, but feel free to download and/or print the online copy linked above.  This book has been an invaluable tool for Field Trial judges and serves as a very detailed explanation of the AKC Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedures for Spaniels.