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Online Resources

How to Find English Springer Spaniel Puppies For Sale

Links of Interest

American Kennel Club
The Bird Dog Foundation
Canine Eye Registry Foundation
Canine Diversity Project
Canine Epilepsy Network
Dog Fanciers' Acronym List
ESS Info and Field Trial Page
Flyball Information and Contacts
The Merck Veterinarian Manual
OptiGen-DNA Testing
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals
Smythwicks ESS Pedigree Fetch
The Sports Medicine Program-Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
The Springer Puppy - Internet Search Site
Therapy Dog Information and Contacts
Veterinary Diagnostic Center-DNA Testing

International Websites

Canadian Kennel Club
Canadian National Field Trial Club
The Scotia Springer Spaniel Club
The English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada
The United Kingdom Kennel Club
The English Springer Spaniel Club of Great Britain
The Lancs and Cheshire ESS Club
The Southern English Springer Spaniel Society

Online Discussion Lists

Most discussion lists have a specific focus, so shop until you find one that meets your needs. As with any internet information, bring a healthy skepticism to what you read. Be sure to consult your veterinarian for health-related questions and issues.

Yahoo Groups
ESSFTA Members Only Discussion List - A discussion list for topics of importance for our breed. Goals for this list: * Provide a forum for intelligent voices to be heard. * Provide fertile ground for circulation of new ideas for concrete steps we might take to better conditions for our breed and for dogs in general. * Provide a place for our members to get to know one another better that is not constrained by area of interest or geography. * Streamline club management by allowing for thorough discussion of issues of importance prior to meetings so that meetings can be used optimally to endorse action steps that will move us forward. * Take better advantage of the collective strength of our substantial membership in support of our common interests.

ESSFTA Members Only Announce List - Announcement list for ESSFTA members. A non-reply (i.e. one-way) communication medium for rapid dissemination of items of interest to the membership (including minutes, announcements, etc.) Posting to this list is done via the Corresponding Secretary, Barbara Granatir at

The ESS Field Club Newsgroup - Non-reply newsgroup, used to notify AKC Licensed English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Clubs of ESSFTA proposed Field Trial Rule changes, policy changes and other ESS field trial related information and interests. Recipients include field trial club contacts, Interclub Chairs, and ESSFTA Field Governors.

English Springer Spaniel E-Mail Groups - ESS groups on Yahoo

Yahoo Spaniel E-Mail Groups - Other spaniel groups on Yahoo

Forum for our Canadian friends and members:
Becca Solomon-Smith's forum for Canadian Springer owners and lovers:


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