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ESSFTA Field Trial Licensed Judges and Apprentice Judge List

Here are links to two lists regarding the ESSFTA Field Trial Apprentice Judge Program:

  • This list of currently licensed judges includes those who were grandfathered at the time the Apprentice Program commenced.  This may not be a complete list of licensed judges, but it's close. Please notify us of any changes you are aware of.
  • Judges on this list (current apprentices) are going through the ESSFTA Field Trial Apprentice Program since t program was revised on 7/1/2011, have taken the seminar and have passed their test, and are now eligible to apprentice Field Trials upon the request of the Club Field Trial Committee.

All may have an AKC number, but unfortunately, the AKC lists anyone who has judged a puppy trial as being "approved" for Field Trials.  If you have any questions about the eligibility of an apprentice or new judge, or a foreign judge who has never judged in the USA, please contact the ESSFTA Apprentice Judge Coordinator.

To check for all judges grandfathered in before the apprentice program started, the AKC provides a judges directory. Click on The AKC Searchable Judges Directory for up-to-date information. Field trial judges must have judged a combination of 12 All-Age stakes between them. The AKC directory should be able to tell you how many championship stakes each have judged.  Be aware that the AKC does not separate Cocker Trials from Springer Trials.


IMPORTANT! If you are an Interclub Chair, you MUST approve the apprentice judge.


The recommendations for approving an apprentice judge are written in the rules provided by the ESSFTA. At this time, it would be a good idea to advise the club requesting approval to read the rules and to make sure they use the correct evaluation forms. Here is a link to the Apprentice Program Rules and a link to the Evaluation form. Remember, these are people who are going to be our future field trial judges.

This list has been developed from information gathered through the hard work and efforts of several volunteer members. We will make every effort to keep the list accurate and up-to-date. Errors may occur at times. If we have left anyone off the list or have any information listed incorrectly, please notify us.