Pass the word! Most of the 2012 Annual Award Winners are now posted on the ESSFTA website.

Please take a look by going to the Achievements --> ESSFTA Awards page.

If you recognize any of the winners, please take the time to congratulate them on their wonderful achievement!

The Versatile Springer, Dual Championship, and Owner-Breeder Handled FC/AFC awards will be announced in May. Applications for these awards are still open. They are due on April 30, so hurry to submit these applications.

If your dog won a Multi-Titlist or Special Recognition Award, it will be shipped directly to you in May. Please check your shipping address as directed on the website.

There are awards available for all event types and all levels of competition. The Multi-Titlist is one of the most popular award for parent club members. Find out if your dog is close to winning an award this year. Award descriptions can be found on the awards webpage.

For questions on awards, please contact:

Kathy Petregnani, Awards Committee Chair


Alvin Eng, Awards Committee

Genetic Testing Company Seeking PFK & Fucosidosis Affecteds/Carriers

Paw Print Genetics, a new genetic testing laboratory dedicated to canines, seeks cheek swab samples from English Springer Spaniels that are affected or carriers for either PFK (phosphofructokinase deficiency) or fucosidosis to assist in validating their DNA testing protocols.  If you can offer assistance with this process please contact Martine Huslig at Paw Print Genetics, 509.483.5950 or mhuslig[at]

FAQ on Cord 1 PRA Testing

Thank you to Patricia Meiser, DVM of Animal Care and Reproductive Services, LLC in Westmont, IL and the ESSFTA Foundation for sharing a useful primer regarding the Cord 1 PRA test for ESS and how this test can be used in our breeding programs.  Click here to access this document.