Welcome to the ESSFTA Breeder Education and Referral Page. If you're interested in getting an English Springer Spaniel, we recommend you start by reading The Decision to Get A Dog, and then progress to The Spaniel Manual.

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Breeder Education and Referral Program (BERP)

There are approximately 1000 ESSFTA members in the United States and Canada who participate in Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Conformation Events, Obedience, Agility and Tracking. Most members are happy to answer questions. Most ESSFTA breeders focus exclusively on either show OR field springers, but some are active with both. Even though you may not intend to field trial or show your dog, it's important to select your new pet based on the types of activities you're interested in - hunting, field trialing, obedience, agility, tracking, hiking, bike riding, or just everyday interaction with family and friends.

The purpose of the ESSFTA Breeder Education and Referral Program is to provide information to the public about the care and ownership of the English Springer Spaniel. It is not the intent of this program to assist you directly with finding a mate for your dog. If you are considering breeding your own dog, you may find it beneficial to discuss your objectives with some of the knowledgeable participants on the breeder referral list. Be aware that all of the ESSFTA member breeders on the breeder referral list are expected to abide by the ESSFTA Guidelines for Responsible Breeders. In addition to requirements they've established for their own breeding program, they may expect that you will follow these guidelines as well. Before you make a commitment to breed your dog, please review these guidelines.

Although each person on the breeder referral list is a member in good standing with the ESSFTA (Parent Club), we cannot personally guarantee each breeder. Nor can we assure they will be the right breeder for you. Don't be discouraged if you are not a good fit with the first breeder you speak with. Continue your search by contacting others on the list, even if they do not live in your area. If you contact one of our members, and they know of someone else who has puppies, but that person is not a participating ESSFTA member, we have no way of knowing if they adhere to responsible breeding practices.

The reading materials on this page will help you learn the right questions to ask so that you can make a well-educated decision - one that will affect your life for many years to come. A sample list of pertinent questions that you may want to ask any reputable breeder is included in the The Spaniel Manual. Do not make a hasty decision. Ask all the right questions and expect all the right answers!

Hopefully, our participants will be able to answer most of your questions. If you have general questions (not pertaining to breeder referral), please contact us at ESShelp@essfta.org . If you a seeking to re-home an ESS, or if you would like information on ESS rescue programs, see the ESS Rescue Information page.

ESSFTA Breeder Education & Referral Program Participating Members (Updated April 14, 2018):

BERP Members Listed by State

BERP Members Listed Alphabetically

The ESSFTA provides no express or implied endorsement of the breeders listed. It remains the responsibility of the individual to do their own investigation and evaluation of the breeder, any puppy(ies) and the information provided.

It is advisable that you visit the breeder (if possible) before purchasing a puppy; this allows you to see how the puppy interacts with littermates and his mother, to see the conditions under which the puppy has been raised and to see health certifications on the parents of the puppy. You should be prepared for the breeder to provide a contract that will state your responsibilities as well as those of the breeder. Typically, a contract will discuss any guarantees provided and spay-neuter requirements, if any. You should also discuss with the breeder how to care for and feed your puppy when you take him home.


Breeder Referral Complaint Resolution

The ESSFTA hopes that you find our BERP-partipating members helpful in your quest for the right English Springer Spaniel for you. Sometimes problems do develop, and in order to maintain the integrity of our program, we would like your feedback and assistance in making improvements. Please use the link below to access a complaint form if you feel a BERP participant has not acted in compliance with the ESSFTA Guidelines for Responsible Breeders.

Breeder Complaint Form