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Working Test Paperwork

  1. Working Certificate Tests may be offered by an English Springer Spaniel club, or a club for other flushing spaniel breed(s). The club should appoint a test chair and/or secretary.
  2. The club must obtain recognition for the test from the ESSFTA Working Dog Test Coordinator in order for English Springers to earn Working Certificates by participating in the test. Requests should be made at least a month prior to the test. Approval for other flushing spaniel breeds to be included in the test should be obtained from the appropriate parent clubs. Contact the ESSFTA Working Dog Test Coordinator
  3. In requesting recognition for the test, the test chair or secretary shall state:
    1. the date and site of the test;
    2. the type of birds to be used; and
    3. the name and address of the proposed judge, briefly stating the judge's qualifications.
  4. The judge must be thoroughly familiar with the work of flushing spaniels in the field. Preferably the judge should be approved for judging AKC licensed spaniel field trials or hunting tests.
  5. The ESSFTA Working Dog Test Coordinator shall send these test procedures and judging guidelines to the judge prior to the test. The test sponsoring club should ensure that all test helpers (gunners, bird stewards, etc.) are also familiar with the procedures.
  6. All English Springer Spaniels participating in the test are to be entered on entry forms, which shall be supplied by the ESSFTA. Dogs may not be entered more than once at any single test.
  7. Following the test, the completed entry forms for all English Springers tested should be sent within one week to the ESSFTA Working Dog Test Coordinator.
  8. The ESSFTA Working Dog Test Coordinator shall be responsible for keeping a permanent record of every English Springer Spaniel which qualifies, and shall inscribe and mail Working Certificates and Working Certificates Excellent to owners of the successful dogs. Only one Working Certificate and one Working Certificate Excellent will be awarded to a dog. Owners may continue entering it in subsequent tests, however, to support their clubs, refresh a dog's training, etc.

Revised and Approved by ESSFTA July 1998