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Glossary of Terms

Provided by the Hunting Committee of the ESSFTA

As a command, to direct the dog away from the handler; as a label, when the dog drops behind the handler or gunner.

Bird Steward
The person responsible for the birds' care and placement on the course.

Hot Blind: a blind in which a shot was fired just prior to a retrieve.
Cold Blind: a blind in which NO shot is fired.

Acknowledgment of the location of game then turning away, avoiding contact, continuing in the quartering pattern.

A finished flushing dog should hup upon the flushing of game, gunshot, honoring of the flight of the bird in brace, pursuit of a running bird or upon direction of the handler; if the above is not followed, it is a break.

Butter mouth
A dog that carries the harvested bird so very carefully or softly causing the constant dropping or adjustment of the bird.

Cast Off
The releasing of the dog by the handler in the field.

The pursuit of the bird in an uncontrolled manner.

Controlled Break
Land Flush Only; The following of the flight of a bird after the flush only to achieve a clear mark of the fall.

Course Manners
The behavior required as not to interfere, interrupt, obstruct in any way other dogs or handlers while enroute, on or off the course.

Course Clothing
All requirements made by the Federal, State, the American Kennel Club, and to be acceptable for the weather of the day.

Dead Bird
As a command, to inform the dog of type of retrieve to perform; as a label, a bird that has been harvested.

The dog proceeds with the wind.

The act of the bird falling to the ground or water from the flight path after being harvested by the gunner.

Course Flags
To mark the direction and/or boundaries of the course.

The dog proceeds with the wind at either side.

The dog forcing the bird to leave the ground, taking flight.

Refusal to give up a retrieve freely.

The group of spectators following the handler, judges, marshal on the course, under the direction of the marshal.

Game Keeper
The individual in charge of the birds from receiving to disposal for each course as required.

The individual on the right and the left of the handler to harvest the bird.

The act of exhibiting a measurable amount of fear of gunfire.

Hard Mouth
Clamping down too tightly while retrieving, to render the bird unfit for the table.

Intimidation, overhandling, excessive repetition of a command.

Come to a stop and wait for further commands.

The individual evaluating the performance of the dog and handler.

Line Steady
After the placement of the dog by the handler on the line for the water exercise, the dog shall not move forward from this line until directed to do so.

Making Game
The accelerated body language of the dog when the dog becomes aware of proximity of game, advances to the location aggressively and flushes the bird.

The act of the dog following the path of a bird after being harvested by the gunner.

The individual responsible for the execution of the running order of the dogs. Control of the gallery on the course.

Missed Bird
Failure of a gunner to harvest a bird in flight.

No Bird
The order given by the judge to stop all pursuit of a bird by gunner and dog.

The location in which a bird is placed on the course.

The dog's ability to find scent.

The command to a dog to move in an indicated direction.

Passed Bird
A bird known to remain in the nest or vicinity because the dog did not find it.

Because a dog will make use of the wind and terrain to determine where the bird is and get it in the air based on the level of its experience and training, there is no single way a "pattern" can be defined.

Picked up
The dog locates the bird, picks it up, and retrieves it to the handler without a flush or shot.

The dog proceeds beyond the range of the gunner.
The dog proceeds directly down course.

The dog searching for a bird.

The motion of the dog going from the left to the right or vice versa, i.e., side to side in front of the handler.

The bird which remains on the ground but moves in a hurried fashion away from the dog.

Scent Cone
The path in which the scent of the bird wafts through the vegetation.

Shackled Bird
The natural movement of the bird is restricted.

The individual who carries the harvested bird(s) after the retrieve has been completed.

Sticky Mouth
Reluctance to give up a retrieve freely.

Steady to Wing and Shot
The dog is to wait in the hup position after the flush and/or a shot fired until
the handler releases the dog.

The characteristic and individuality each dog exhibits in the completion of an exercise.

Sucker Bird
A low level flight of the flushed bird which promotes chasing and prohibits harvesting the bird.

Trapped Bird
The dog locates the bird, picks it up, retrieves it to the handler without a flush or shot.

The dog proceeds into the wind.

A flush far removed from the dog and handler.

Wild Flush
A flush in close proximity to the dog and handler.