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ESSFTA Pins - Available Again!!

These ESSFTA pins were available for many years and were worn proudly on lapels, ties, hats, scarves, purses and many other fashion items. Two years ago, our supply of the pins was exhausted. We have a new supply of the pins, and they are gorgeous. The pins are exact replicas of the original ESSFTA design. The new pins are cast in fine, highly polished sterling silver (the scanned image does not do justice to the detailed and glistening sterling silver pin). We expect these pins to sell quickly to all the Springer fanciers who will want to wear them and give them as gifts and show prizes.

For the time being, these pins will be offered at the 1990 price of $30. Shipping: One item: $2.50. Add $1.00 for each additional item.

Educational CDs

The ABC's Of Breeding: This CD has been produced by the ESSFTA Breeder's Education Committee. The artwork is lovely. This professionally produced and very understandable breeding facts discussion makes a great gift for any experience breeder and for any breeder who is beginning a breeding program and looking for a great tutorial to get started on a well educated paw.

CD price is $5.00 Shipping: One CD: $2.50, additional CDs: $1.00 each


A Parent Club and AKC-produced video explaining judging ESS Field Trials. A must for better understanding of trials. Thanks to AKC this video is ON SALE too!

Reduced from the original $22.95, it now sells for just $19.95. Shipping: One video: $2.50. Add $1.00 for each additional video.

Standards and Guides

The Illustrated Breed Standard for the English Springer Spaniel
Currently sold out
- check back for updates regarding a new edition.
$5.00 each. Shipping: One item: $2.50. Add $1.00 for each additional item.

(paperback) The most comprehensive history of our breed from its introduction to North America, the book details early Show and Field Kennels. A necessity for any serious breeder.

A bargain at $12.00. Supply of this marvelous book is very limited. Shipping: $5.00 postage per book. Add $2.50 for each additional book ordered.

"The Conduct and Judging of Spaniel Field Trials" - known as the "Blue Book" published by the ESSFTA, the detailed explanation of the rules of judging field trials. Serious trialers, hunt test exhibitors and wannabe judges need this.

"Field Trial Management" - known as the "Green Book" also published by the ESSFTA, outlines the proper procedures for conducting field trials for Spaniels. Anyone working on, and any club holding, any field event needs this guide.

The two guides together, $5.00. Separately, $3.50 each. Shipping: One set of the booklets: $2.50. Add $1.00 for each additional booklet ordered.

Both of these books can be downloaded for free in pdf format from our Field Trial Page.

The Spaniel Manual

The Spaniel Manual is a wonderful guide explaining how to, why and where to purchase an English Springer Spaniel. This little manual can educate puppy buyers and answer the most frequently asked questions.

The Spaniel Manual is no longer for sale. You may download the booklet and make copies, as needed here.

To Order:

In a hurry for items for gifts or Springer events? Please order early, and allow up to three weeks for delivery. To order any of the above items, send check or money order along with your name and address and request to:

ESSFTA c/o Sarah Ferrell, Treasurer
120 Delmar Court
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Questions? E-mail Sarah Ferrell at: