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Some Final Considerations

If you're looking for a guard dog, consider another breed! Although its barking might deter an intruder, the typical Springer temperament is that of a loving, gentle (though active) dog. At best, the Springer might immobilize an intruder while attempting to be petted.

If you want a one-person dog, or if you are away from home a great deal, you might consider a different breed. Springers are intensely people-oriented and are not happy as full time kennel dogs. This does not mean that they should not be confined. Any reputable breeder will ask you if you have a fenced yard or kennel in which to protect your dog. Most breeders, in fact, will hesitate to sell a dog to someone who does not have a facility in which to confine it.

Most Springers will shed a moderate amount throughout the year. If you are an immaculate housekeeper, you might find a Springer to be more than you wish to manage in this regard; however, almost all breeds of dogs will shed.

Springers require a certain amount of grooming and trimming to keep them looking neat and free from mats and tangles. It can be very enjoyable to learn to do this yourself; or you can locate a professional groomer to provide assistance from time to time. Regular grooming helps control coat loss, and keeps the coat in top condition.

English Springer Spaniels are wonderful family pets and companions. They are loving, devoted dogs, eager to please and beautiful to look at. Because they are of medium size, they can live comfortably in city apartments (with proper exercise, of course) or large country homes.

The time and effort you spend to find the right Springer should reward you with a wonderful companion for many years.

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