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The English Springer Spaniel

The Breed Standard
- the American Kennel Club approved standard for the English Springer Spaniel

Breeding Information

ESSFTA Guidelines for Responsible Breeders
Probing Questions, Personal Answers by Karen Foster

English Springer Spaniel Articles

Springers at the Millenium by Francie Nelson
 "Rage Syndrome" Letter by Dr. J Bell
Hunting With The English Springer Spaniel by Randy Capsel

The English Springer Spaniel is a remarkable breed. However, to best insure a satisfying and long-term relationship (for both you and the dog), we recommend you thoroughly research each breed that interests you.


Hunting - Field Trials - Hunt Tests - Tracking - Contraband Detection - Search & Rescue - Obedience - Agility - Conformation - Therapy & Visitation - Assistance - Hiking - Camping - Skijoring - Playing & more!

Few breeds can lay claim to the versatility exhibited by English Springer Spaniels. But, perhaps, most importantly, one would be hard pressed to find a better companion than a responsibly bred English Springer Spaniel!
Agility by Nancy Johnson
Conformation by Francie Nelson
Field Trials, Introduction to Spaniel by Kathy Sonier
Hunting by Randy Capsel
ESSFTA Hunting Committee Information Page
Springers In Law Enforcement: Mindy & Bonnie's Stories by Sue & Gene Sutton
Obedience by Marti Nickoli
Working Certificate (WD, WDX) Tests by Karen Lee
ESSFTA National Awards
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