2015 Bird Dog Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to the 2015 Hall of Fame inductees:

Mr. John Isaacs

FC AFC CFC Ru-Char's Jr. Regent

The Induction Ceremony will be held at 9 a.m. on February 7, 2015 at the Bird Dog Hall of Fame in Grand Junction, TN.  The two Hall of Fame field trials to celebrate the annual inductions will run February 4-7, 2015.  Premiums and other information will be posted at www.essft.com as it becomes available.

2014 NAC merchandise

Please support the 2014 National Amateur Championship, and look great doing it!  You'll find the 2014 merchandise offering information here.  Please note that merchandise is being made to order only, and orders must be submitted by November 14 in order to be available at the trial.

For more information about the 2014 National Amateur Championship, visit the NAC page at essft.com (as always, thanks, Mary!!).  Hope to see lots of you there.

Field Trial Hall of Fame Selection Process

Field trialers:  please take a few minutes to review the attached document outlining the selection process for persons and dogs.  Your input is needed to make sure that worthy individuals, human and canine, are brought to the attention of the committee for consideration.  Thank you in advance for your participation in this process.  If you haven't yet visited Grand Junction to see the Hall of Fame, it's definitely worth the trip!

Supplement to Pro to Am Proposal

UPDATE:  Please e-mail your input and questionnaires to rulesadvcomm@essfta.org.

The Board of Governors would like to clarify a possible misunderstanding regarding the recent PROPOSAL AND QUESTIONNAIRE that was distributed to clubs and members via email, Announce, ESSFTA website and ESSFT.com website.  It has been brought to our attention that many in the field trial community feel that we are being mandated to change this rule by the AKC.  While it is NOT a mandate that we must allow a process for a Pro to regain his Amateur status, doing so would make the spaniel FT game more consistent with the other sporting breeds.

If you have already submitted your questionnaire to Skip Smith, you may change it by sending either a new form to Skip (see previous post), or simply sending an email with an additional comment.  If you have NOT submitted your questionnaire, please fill one out and feel free to add your comments to either Question #1 or Question #5 the statement that you are opposed to making any changes to the rule.

Field Trial Rules Change Proposal: Pro to Am

From Skip Smith on behalf of the Field Trial Rules Advisory Committee:

Please click here to access a draft proposal and questionnaire (both are included in one file) from the English Springer Spaniel Rules Advisory Committee requesting input from the field trial community. The Committee was asked by the ESSFTA Board of Governors to propose a rules change that would allow professional trainers and handlers to regain their amateur status and to seek input from field trial participants about this proposed change. Please distribute this proposal to your club members and other field trialers that you know.  We encourage people to respond as individuals to give us and the BOG the best perspective on the opinions of the field trial community.  We ask for e-mail responses and comments by June 1, 2014.  The committee will compile the responses and use them in formulating the final proposal to be submitted to the BOG.

Responses should be returned to rulesadvcomm@essfta.org.

Thank you for your help in distributing this information to the field trial community.


Members of the Springer Spaniel Field Trial Rules Advisory Committee:

Don Bramwell
John Leininger
Bev Matthews
Tom Meyer
Paul McGagh
Bob Montler
Skip Smith

All-Age Field Trial Judges list posted

You will find a link to this list here:  https://essfta.org/field-hunting/field-trial-information/

Thanks very much to those who worked hard to compile as complete and accurate a list as possible.  This wasn't an easy task, gleaning information from the AKC site, catalogs, and memory banks, so many thanks to our Field V.P., Bev Matthews; our new Apprentice Program Chair, Barb Boettcher; Barb Grantir, Jan Johnson, and no doubt some other dedicated souls for pitching in to pull this detail together.

Please use the link provided on that page to notify the committee of any information that needs to be updated.  This makes the resource that much more useful to all.  You'll also find a link to the AKC contact there so that you can also provide any changes to AKC.