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Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program

Dear Breed Club Member:

Canine health is important to all of us. Eradicating diseases that afflict dogs to help them live longer and healthier lives is a key priority. That’s why the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association is participating in the Purina Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program. Purina is the first pet food manufacturer to step forward to financially support National Parent Breed Clubs to help us raise money to fund canine health studies.

The PPCP Program works through Purina’s loyalty program, Pro Club. Pro Club members who are also members of the English Spring Spaniel Field Trial Association or an affiliate club, will earn dollars for our club to be used for health studies, rescue and/or educational efforts. As a member of Pro Club, you earn valuable Purina Points for every purchased pound of participating Purina® brand dog foods. The PPCP Program allows our members to earn 10% of the value of all points from valid receipts (submitted electronically) credited to their Pro Club accounts for our breed club . For example, for every $100 worth of qualifying product purchased by our Pro Club members, Purina will donate $10.00. The money will be split so that 50% is donated to the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association and 50% is donated to the Canine Health Foundation.

We Need Your Help

For those of you who are already Pro Club members, you can declare for this program by calling the Pro Club number (1-877-776-2582) or logging onto the Purina Pro Club website

For those of you who are not current members of Pro Club, we would encourage you to consider joining. Pro Club is dedicated to supporting breeders and enthusiasts with exceptional nutrition, great savings and valuable services.

To enroll in Purina Pro Club, please call them directly toll-free at 1-877-PRO-CLUB (1-877-776-2582), 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, Mon.-Fri. When calling, please let the representative know that you want to join Pro Club as part of the PPCP Program. You can also enroll through the website

Canine Health Foundation Matching Funds

The CHF has agreed that PPCP-generated funds that are placed by the club in the breeds’ Donor Advised Fund are eligible to be matched up to 100% based on the Foundation’s guidelines. That means that more research money can be applied against diseases that afflict the English Springer Spaniel or diseases like cancer that impact all breeds. In 2002, this program generated $84,000 in funding. $42,000 was given to the Canine Health Foundation to fund canine health studies. The remaining $42,000 was distributed to the 62 participating clubs based on each of the clubs individual earnings.

Thank you for supporting the PPCP Program. Together we can help the English Springer Spaniel live longer, healthier and happier lives.


The English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association