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Membership Information

Executive Board and Membership Information

ESSFTA Executive Board
ESSFTA Board of Directors, Executive Committee, & Governors
NAC Resolutions

ESSFTA Membership Information
Membership Information & Application

Please keep your email address current with the Corresponding Secretary Cathy Flanders at in order to receive the minutes and other club announcements via email.  New members will be subscribed to the ESSFTA's Announce list.

The Spotlight On-Line (for ESSFTA Members) - the ESSFTA publishes its Newsletter electronically four times a year. Members have the option of having a hard copy mailed to them for an additional charge.

ESSFTA Breeder Referral Program (page is under update)
Breeder Education & Referral Program
Breeder Education and Referral Application (BERP) - This is for ESSFTA members who have been members for a minimum of three years. This program is first and foremost an education program and not merely a forum for selling puppies. All participants are expected to act with kindness and respect to those who are trying to educate themselves about the English Springer Spaniel. The true purpose of this program is for ESSFTA members to share their experience and foresight, and to help guide them in making the most educated decision for their family.