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Registry of Merit

Registry of Merit Information & Forms:

Purpose: The ESSFTA currently offers annual awards for outstanding performers and producers
in the conformation and field competition venues. These current awards recognize high level
achievements over that one year annual period. However, there is currently no recognition for
sires or dams contributing through their successive generation ensuring the character of the
breed. The Registry of Merit will allow recognition and a tracking mechanism for recording
Outstanding Sires and Outstanding Dams contributing to the breed in such a manner.
To recognize the quality contributions of such sires and dams the English Springer Spaniel Field
Trial Association (ESSFTA) will award the titles of Outstanding Sire (OS) and Outstanding Dam
(OD) to English Springer Spaniels which produce first generation offspring which earn the
required titling and/or associated point requirements as outlined in the title requirements. The
OS and OD titles are recognitions for those English Springer Spaniels with a record of producing
accomplished offspring, in all venues of competition available for English Springer Spaniels.

ESSFTA ROM Application - Manual Entry Format (May 2019)

ROM Award Criteria - May 2019

ESSFTA ROM Application - Electronic Fillable Fields