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Versatile Springer Recognition

The criteria for this award is as follows:

  1. In order to earn this award, the ESSFTA will consider six areas in which an ESS can be recognized:
    Breed CH
    Obedience CD, CDX, UD, OTCH,
    Tracking TD, TDX, VST, CT
    Agility NA, OA, AX, NAJ, OAJ, AXJ, MACH
    Hunting JH, SH, MH
    Field FC, AFC
  2. The dog must have completed a title in four of the above six areas.
  3. One of these areas must be Hunting or Field.
  4. The dog must have earned one of the above Championships: CH, OTCH, CT, MACH, MH, FC, or AFC.
  5. In addition, the dog must earn the highest level in one other area.
In addition, the following conditions apply to the Versatile Springer Award:
  1. Titles earned in at least three of the categories must have been completed while the owner was a member in good standing with the ESSFTA. Application for membership does not constitute membership. (Please note that there may be a waiting period of up to ninety days to complete the application process.)
  2. If the dog is owned by more than one individual, ALL individuals must be members of the ESSFTA for at least six months prior to the end of the award year.
  3. The contenders are responsible for reporting their own titles. Copies of certificates issued by the AKC are suggested.
  4. The qualifying titles do not have to be earned during the award year. Any disputes with respect to interpretation or application of the rules will be referred to the Board of Governors for resolution. The Board’s decision will be final.