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Wynmoor Juniors Challenge Trophy

Top Junior Handler of the Year

The Kerfoot family, Erin, Billie and Charlie, offer the Wynmoor Juniors Challenge Trophy, a 10 inch pewter bowl. In addition, the ESSFTA offers a walnut plaque engraved with the names of past winners. These trophies are awarded to the Junior Handler who has earned the most Juniors Points showing an English Springer Spaniel during the course of one year’s competition. For permanent possession, the trophies must be won three times by the same individual. These trophies will remain in the Association’s permanent possession until retired. An embroidered towel and personalized gift card will be given as a remembrance of the award.

Presentation Year Winner Location Presented
June 17, 1997 1996 Angela Lloyd Sturbridge, MA
July 9, 1998 1997 Erin Kerfoot Atlanta, GA
July 1, 1999 1998 Lindsay Balder Portland, OR
July 15, 2000 1999 Lindsay Balder Cherry Hill, NJ
2001 2000 Nicole Ashby Oconomowoc, WI
2002 2001 Melanie Cotter Olympia, WA
2003 2002 Erica Johnson Gray Summit, MO
2004 2003 Melanie Cotter Perry, GA
2005 2004 Kourtney Coutu Geneva On The Lake, OH
2006 2005 Erica Johnson Pomona, CA
2007 2006 Kellie Ann Militello Lexington, KY
2008 2007 Jonathan Ryan Williams Arlington, TX
2009 2008 Demery Paladichuk Gray Summit, MO
2010 2009 Demery Paladichuk Albany, OR
2011 2010 Lauren Elizabeth Williams Warwick, RI
2012 2011 Sarah Elizabeth Congleton Gray Summit, MO
2013 2012 Trace Mauldin Gray Summit, MO