Venetian Juniors Challenge Trophy (Retired)

Top Junior Handler of the Year

Venetian Kennels offers a ten inch pewter bowl on a wooden base to the winner of the Best Junior Handler Annual Award. The award is given to that Junior Handler showing an English Springer Spaniel that earns the most Juniors points over the course of a yearlong competition. For permanent possession the trophy must be won three times by the same person. A four-inch pewter bowl will be offered as a remembrance of the award. In 1995, Erin Kerfoot retired the Venetian Juniors Challenge Trophy by winning the most Junior Handler points in 1993, 1994, and 1995.

PresentedYearWinnerLocation Presented
October 30, 19931992Tracy AlbertRochester, MN
October 29, 19941993Erin KerfootNew Brunswick, NJ
July 15, 19951994Erin KerfootSan Jose, CA
July 2, 19961995Erin KerfootDearborn, MI