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Booser Memorial Challenge Trophy (Retired-Redonated 2013)

Highest Scoring Dog in National Specialty Obedience Trial

Naia and Larry Libeu offer the Booser Memorial Challenge Trophy, a silver champagne bucket on a walnut base. This trophy will be awarded to the English Springer Spaniel that wins High In Trial at the ESSFTA National Bench Specialty and Obedience Trial. For permanent possession, the trophy must be won three times by the same owner, not necessarily with the same dog. In 1999 the trophy was re-donated by Alvin and Audrey Eng when their dogs Ardee’s Field of Dreams CD won the National in 1995 and OTCH Gold Mountain’s Moonlighting UDX won the National in 1998 and 1999. In 2013, Jon Pidde retired the Booser Memorial Challenge Trophy when his dog Benson, OTCH BENSON MCGEE UDX9 OGM SH MX MXJ RE WDX, won the National in 2009, 2011, and 2013.  Mr. Pidde plans to re-donate the trophy.

2013 High-In-Trial and Booser Trophy Winners Jon Pidde and Benson
Photo by Sandy Pidde

Date Winner Owner Location
October 30, 1993 RAMBLEWOOD RAG TIME Jacki Warren Rochester, MN
October 29, 1994 CANNY JOSIE TYNESIDER Mary & Harry Baird East Brunswick, NJ
July 15, 1995 ARDEE’S FIELD OF DREAMS Audrey and Alvin Eng San Jose, CA
July 2, 1996 BRYDEN’S CASH N’ CARRY Christine L Bullock & David Swartwood Dearborn, MI
June 17, 1990 BRYDEN’S KISS FROM A ROSE CD Donna Pongratz Sturbridge, MA
July 9, 1998 GOLD MOUNTAIN’S MOONLIGHTING CDX Audrey & Alvin Eng Atlanta, GA
July 1, 1999 GOLD MOUNTAIN’S MOONLIGHTING UD Audrey & Alvin Eng Portland, OR
July 15, 2000 CANNY JOSIE TYNESIDER UD Mary E. Baird & Harry L. Baird Cherry Hill, NJ
2001 VALIMAR'S ROLL THE DICE UDX Jennee Stalzer Oconomowoc, WI
2002 MELCHRIS N NICKOLI'S DAKOTA CDX SH WDX Marti Nickoli & Linda Fong Olympia, WA
2004 DONAHAN'S BELL BOTTOM BLUE UD NA NAJ Phyllis Broderick & Carol Callahan Perry, GA
2005 CH RAMBLEWOOD CRYSTAL CLEAR SH MX MXJ Tracy and Patty Salzwedel Geneva On The Lake, OH
2006 CH PULLMAN'S ONLY GAME IN TOWN RA Carol M Getty & Kenneth & Nancy Goodhue-McWilliams Pomona, CA
2007 STORMWYND SEQUOIA CD RA NJP WD Patty Valente Lexington, KY
2008 CH WEDGWOOD'S GEMSTONE UDX RA Martha F. Edwards Arlington, TX
2009 BENSON MCGEE SH UDX2 OM1 NA NAJ RN WDX Jon Pidde Gray Summit, MO
2010 MARGENE'S NICOLI UD VER RE Majorie Stambaugh Albany, OR
2011 OTCH BENSON MCGEE UDX4 OM5 SH AX AXJ RA WDX Jon Pidde & Sandy Pidde Warwick, RI
2012 CH POLESITTER'S ABSOLUTE VICTORY UD VER RE AX AXJ Kimberly Berkley & Mike Bockhorn Gray Summit, MO
2013 OTCH BENSON MCGEE UDX9 OGM SH MX MXJ RE WDX Jon Pidde & Sandy Pidde Gray Summit, MO