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2022 Agility Awards

Agility Springer of the Year


- Dot -

Owned by Jennifer Carl-Howard, Bonnie Massie, and Tychea Stantz

YPS: 5.62

And a cherry on top!
Third year Agility Springer of the year!
My girl continues to shine, beyond any and all expectations for this team!
Once again, I am humbled to receive this prestigious award with my favorite running partner!
Dot runs with all her heart and leaves nothing on the table when we step to the line.
The year 2022 brought us some amazing moments.
Dot maintained her #1 position at the top of Bad Dog Agility, we attended our second AKC Agility Invitational, she earned her MACH 3, and she earned the Agility High Combined trophy at the 2022 ESSFTA National!
To be able to stay competitive at seven years old, speaks volumes to her perseverance and drive.
I could never have imagined the journey upon which we embarked seven years ago when I took the plunge in the game of agility with my first Springer.
Dot and I grew together as a team, had our ups and downs, and are now working toward her MACH 5!
We have formed great new friendships, traveled the country, and look forward to more years on course.
None of this would have been possible without the trust of her breeders Bonnie Massie and Tychea Stantz.
Thank you to the ESSFTA for recognizing this team!

Novice Agility Springer of the Year

Dream A Little Yesterday And Today NAJ

- Wrynn -

Owned by Tammy Sieburg and Jim Sieburg

YPS: 4.70

Photo by Scott Persky

Another journey has begun for us. It took us 11.5 years to decide we were ready for another puppy. We had always loved Wrynn's mom, Rizzo. Riz is the total package. She is pretty, sweet, smart and has drive. When Wrynn's breeders, Sandy Kucaba and Jennifer Rowland, decided to breed Riz, we told them we would love a girl from her litter. Well, there was one girl born but there were several people that wanted that girl. After 8 long weeks, we got a call from Sandy that she would be ours. Wrynn is much like Riz but in a smaller package. She is happy go lucky, sweet and a quick learner. Wrynn is very smart and eager to please. She started in Novice in the middle of September and was in Masters by November. Every time we step to the line, Wrynn lets us know she is ready to go. Thank you to Sandy and Jennifer for breeding this beautiful, talented girl and for all the support you are giving us. This Baby Girl is going to take us on many adventures. She will definitely keep us on our toes. Thank you to the ESSFTA for honoring Wrynn with this award.

Open Agility Springer of the Year

CH VinEwood's The Fire Inside BN AX AXJ XF

- Sparx -

Owned by Laura Schreiner

YPS: 4.51

Photo by Marie Murphy

Sparx came into my life a little earlier than anticipated. I started looking for breeders for a Springer agility pup in 2019, hoping to bring home a new puppy in 2022 or 2023. I immediately fell in love with VinEwood dogs and knew that was the direction I wanted to go. Kathy let me know in February 2021 she was anticipating a drive-y litter and asked if I was ready for a pup; and fast forward to June, baby Sparx came home.

The first year with Sparx was a blur. While my original plan was to just have a competitive agility dog and perhaps dabble in obedience, we somehow ended up in the conformation ring as well. In the short time he has been with our family, we have completed a few firsts: my first conformation dog, my first conformation champion, and my first obedience dog and my first obedience title (BN).

This dog’s zest for life and silly personality makes him a delight to train and work with in all venues we try, but his light truly shines in agility. He entered his first agility trial on his 15 month birthday (July 2022) and received his first QQ December 2022.

He keeps me on my toes on the course and has forced me to become a better handler. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better teammate.

What I love most about Sparx is his silly, energetic personality. Whatever he is doing, he is having fun and bringing joy to our family. I would like to say THANK YOU to Kathy for sending this goofy liver boy home with me and to the ESSFTA for recognizing Sparx and all the young and up-and-coming dogs in this sport.

Excellent Agility Springer of the Year

VinEwood Me Myself & Eye OA AXJ XF DJ CGC

- MeMe -

Owned by Kathy Patregnani

YPS: 5.03

Momma MeMe as i affectionately call her. MeMe loves to run and runs even faster if she knows there are “treats” waiting for her. A willing worker who can sometimes make up her own course, just for the fun of it.

MeMe is the dam of our open agility Springer of the year Sparx.

MeMe participates in obedience, rally Dock diving and barn hunt (not with me- I’m afraid of mice/rats), however her favorite is still agility.

Thank you ESSFTA for this honor.



- Link -

Owned by Tammy and Jim Sieburg

YPS: 4.512

Photo by Great Dane Photos

Link has had an amazing agility career. He has been invited to the AKC Agility Invitational 10 years in a row. and has made the finals twice. He has earned 22 MACHs and 2 PACHs. For Link, it has always been about fun. Every time we have stepped to the line, Link ran because he enjoyed it. Whether turning tightly and getting a difficult weave entry or deciding the yellow on contacts were optional, he ran because he loved the game. Thank you to Link's breeders Mary Osbun, Laurie Green, Deb Peck and Jennifer Kettleson for supporting us every step of our journey. Although Link is now retired from agility, this Little Brown Boy has many more adventures ahead of him. Thank you to the ESSFTA for honoring Link with this award. As Jim has said after every trial, every night for Link's entire agility career, "Thanks for running with us, Buddy"