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2021 Versatile Springer Awards

GCH CH Alynn’s Moonlight Serenade VCD2 UD JH TD NA NAJ RN CGC WD
Owned by Lynn Winchester and Anne Hutchinson
Bred by Lynn Winchester (Alynn) and Anne Hutchinson (Serenade)

Photo by Hunter

TD - October 26, 2014
JH - May 25, 2015
GCH - January 16, 2016
GCG - January 16, 2016
Novice Agility - February 10, 2018
UD - June 20, 2021

Tina is a third generation Versatile Springer recipient, following the family tradition of her Grand-dam Am Can Ch. Serenade’s Spirit of Alynn VCD1 (2002),JH,AX,OAX,WD,CD and her dam, Ch. Alynn’s Solitaire VCD2 (2010), MH,UD,WDX,TD,MX,MXJ and great-aunt Am Can Ch Serenade’s Esprit of Alynn VCD (2010),MH,TD,OA,OAJ,WDX,CGC.

She is sired by Am Ch Laurelwyn Springerlane Continuum, and was whelped 21 October 2013. She is OFA Good and PRA DNA Normal. The only bitch in her litter, she had that special presence that breeders covet and she showed a willingness to please and an enthusiasm for anything new, at a young age.

Tina was trained and handled to all her performance titles by Lynn and is our 5 th owner-breeder-handled versatility award winner. A multitask gal, she earned her tracking and junior hunter titles while on her way to her Championship. She effortlessly moved between each competition and her eager attitude,natural instincts and trainability has made her a joy to work with no matter what adventure we chose.

In the conformation ring she has that “ look at me attitude” and finished with 3 majors . As a Special Tina won a Group 3rd and an Award of Merit at the 2016 National Specialty.

Tina’s enthusiasm and attention to the job asked of her, was particularly memorable, when on a terribly windy, rainy day ,her last tracking leg was a long 280 yards. I thought she had missed the glove, but she was right on it, earning her TD title at just a year old.

One of Tina’s favourite places to be is in the field, especially pheasant hunting. However I recall she wasn’t impressed, when on a long retrieve, a bald eagle swooped down and snatched her bird! She has been on many,very successful pheasant hunts, with my son .

When representing the breed, at the yearly Puyallup Sportsman’s Show, she gets very excited to meet the children. Hopefully, our next adventure together will be working on becoming a certified therapy dog and visiting the local children’s hospital.

Pine Bend Margaret Elaine VCD2 MHA MX MXB MXJ MJB NF TKN
- M.E. -
Owned by Linda M McGrady

TD - November 4, 2007
CDX - October 20, 2012
MXB - February 6, 2016
MHA - September 3, 2016

M.E. was one of those wonderful springers that went through life at FULL BORE AHEAD!!! She was game for anything… except Barn Hunt. She really thought those ‘things’ were totally disgusting, and she was not going to have anything to do with them. In her debut Instinct Test she took one sniff and left the ring! However, when it came to Tracking, Obedience, Agility, and especially Hunting she was all in. She would have gotten ESSTFA’s Novice Obedience Springer of Year had it not been for my numerous handler errors which brought us down to a 197 average. She was also in the top ten ESSFTA Agility Rankings for several years. With respect to Hunting, she finished her MH in one summer and followed that up by earning her MHA the next summer.

As an inexperienced handler I must thank our trainers for getting us as far as we got. Nancy Von Haden/Agility, Cheri Hayek/Obedience, and Jason Givens/Hunting were all so talented in training both handler and dog… although the handler was WAY more work on their part ?! I want thank Bridget Renlund for the GREAT little dog that she entrusted me with. And last, but not least, thank you ESSFTA for this Award.

Trailwind’s Taking A Gamble UD MH TD RE AX AXJ
Owned by Randy Capsel and Cheryl L. Clark
Bred by Randy Capsel and Cheryl L. Clark


UD – August 7, 2011
MH – September 15, 2006
TD – March 16, 2014
AX – April 3, 2009
AXJ – April 3, 2009

Poker was an unexpected addition to the family, but our gratitude to Lee and Carol Erickson, and especially Jeni (Erickson) Chance, will be never-ending for allowing him to make the trip from a spaniel hunting test in Minnesota to Iowa. Jeni emphasized to us that this particular puppy was an absolutely fantastic boy and seemed so very much a favorite to her. Her words remained true throughout Poker’s life. He was an absolutely sweet dog to everyone and every dog as well as an always willing training partner.

Poker’s demeanor made any training time and venue participation so very enjoyable. He hated to be wrong. Always striving to do the best he could during any time together. .
As a young puppy Poker proved to learn various tasks very quickly. His biggest impediment for competitions was my lack of available time to get to more competitions.
Poker’s favorite venues were hunting tests and agility, but throughout the years in obedience and tracking always gave positive attitude.

While Poker was always willing and enthused to work or run, he was just as comfortable and content when enjoying available lap time. Even as Poker aged and was enjoying retirement, he insisted in having his time training in any venue and time in the field.

Poker showed wonderful versatility throughout his career. This included time in the field was well, demonstrating consistent and great abilities on upland game and waterfowl both. Poker provided many positive qualities to his offspring, and it is with great admiration and appreciation I continue to have for such wonderful moments Poker provided over a long competition career and canine partner.

Owned by Randy Capsel and Cheryl L. Clark
Bred by Randy Capsel and Cheryl L. Clark

CT – April 1, 2018
MACH – November 16, 2012 & October 17, 2014
UD – February 10, 2013
JH – October 4, 2008
TD – March 16, 2014
TDX – December 7, 2014
VST – April 1, 2018

Rizen was one of those special canine partners from the time being born and throughout her competition career. A daughter of our Poker and Faith, both being versatile springer recipients, it was anticipated she would provide for such similar demands as an owner and trainer to be ready to participate in multiple venues. From an early age she indicated without doubt how dedicated she was to me. She remained on the small size and fit perfectly into a lap anytime such was made available. Her personable and dedicated attitude proved absolutely wonderful when being her partner in so many different competition venues.

Rizen enjoyed all training and competition venues, though agility, tracking, and field work were clear favorites for her. Her intelligence proved a bit tricky as she learned the spaniel hunt test game and how planted birds differed greatly from wild birds during Iowa hunts. It did not take long for her to figure out that planted birds were rather easy opportunities for trapping them before they could flush from the cover. These tendencies to approach and move in just right on planted birds were never evident during wild bird hunts but did create issues during hunting tests. This never decreased my confidence and enjoyment of her time in the field, whether on pheasants or waterfowl, as she proved over and over her abilities that would normally be utilized with a Master Hunter titled canine partner.

Rizen provided many proud and accomplished moments throughout her competition career. In agility, she qualified multiple times for the AKC National Agility Championship and we were able to compete twice at the event. In the Rally ring she qualified multiple times for the AKC Rally National Championship and we were fortunate to find the time to compete once at the event with her performance being consistent and proud throughout the day. Her achieving the Champion Tracker title qualified Rizen for the AKC National Tracking Invitational as an additional high achievement moment.

While all her accomplishments made time training and competing an absolute joy, her dedication to me and wanting to spend as much time together as possible, proved to be a continual reinforcement of her absolute example of a fantastic spaniel partner. Her temperament toward both other animals and all humans made being around her a joy to be around at all times. She would lay down and roll over to submit to a new kitten on the farm and be ever so willing to take any puppy under her care. Rizen will always be one of those special canine partners throughout a lifetime.

MACH Trailwind’s Right On Target UD BN VER SH TD TDU RE MXS MJS OF T2B
Owned by Randy Capsel and Cheryl L. Clark
Bred by Randy Capsel and Cheryl L. Clark

MACH – May 13, 2017
UD – September 6, 2014
SH – May 28, 2016
TD – June 12, 2013
TDU – April 14, 2019

Aimee was a singleton puppy that likely contributed to her being a very dedicated canine partner much like her mother Rizen. As a singleton there were some challenging times during her first few weeks of life as she took obvious advantage of being the only puppy nursing and required extra work to assist her with finding her legs under her “healthy” body. But once she was able to be more mobile her activity level rarely waned over time. Aimee proved early on to be very intelligent with an enthusiasm and drive that definitely required being attentive as a training partner. Aimee proved from an early age that she greatly enjoyed being able to be active in multiple competition venues. Her biggest limiting factors over her competition time was my lack of available time to compete as much as she would have liked, and an unrealized injury that was only later revealed due to chronic pain and early retirement.

Aimee was always willing to head out the door to tackle any training challenge. Her scenting ability and intelligence in the field was always outstanding. But such ability did occasionally present a challenge in the tracking field by being able to indicate an adjacent track or tracking article on an adjacent leg if the wind and terrain conditions were in the right combination. While not the objective on a track on those occasions, I certainly could not fault her natural excellent scenting abilities. It was imperative though, that when in the tracking field with her, that you be prepared to move quickly throughout a track.

Aimee enjoyed all training and competition venues, but agility, tracking, and field work were her favorites. A special moment of her agility career was participating with her mother Rizen at the 2018 AKC National Agility Championship. She also qualified multiple times for the AKC Rally National Championship, but scheduling issues prevented us from competing.

During time afield Aimee enjoyed most when upland game and waterfowl seasons overlapped. Opportunities to chase pheasants in the Iowa fields and having moments to jump shoot waterfowl over potholes and ponds made for the most satisfying experiences. And this included whether the sun and mild temperatures were present during early season hunts or there was snow and colder weather settling in for late season hunts. The memories of such times afield with her will always remain special opportunities.