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2021 Obedience and Rally Awards

OTCH3 MACH RACH Crossroad Polesitter Always UDX8 OGM RM2 RAE2 MXB MJB NF
- Beckett -
Owned by Kimberly Berkley, Laurie Green, and Jody Garcini
Average: 395.10 out of 400


Beckett (whelped July 24, 2015), continues to shine as an ESSFTA obedience dog, finishing the year 2021 as the #1 AKC obedience Springer for the fourth year in a row!

Beckett is a joy to watch in the ring and continues to get the top scores to put her into first place for this prestigious award.
This little Springer competes against my Border Collies and she still holds her own!

I couldn’t be more grateful to breeder Laurie Green and to Mike Bockhorn, who bred Beckett’s sire, CH Polesitter’s Victory Lane (Auto).

It’s hard to believe this remarkable girl is now 7!

CH RACH2 Ramblewood Don’t You Forget About Me UD BN RM6 RAE5 ACT1 ACT2J CGCA CGCU TKP
- Jack -
Owned by Karen Williams
Average: 190.17 out of 200
Titled November 14, 2021


What an honor it is for my Jack to be awarded the Top Utility Springer for 2021! He made his debut in the Utility Obedience ring on 10/01/21 and earned his Utility Dog title at his fourth trial on 11/14/21. Our 1st time in the ring, I was a nervous wreck, but I knew that he would try his best to understand what I was asking him to do. When the judge said those 3 magical words, “You have qualified”, we both jumped for joy. He was so proud of himself!

I have read that statistically for every 1000 dogs that begin competing for a CD, only five will go on to earn a UD. The fact that the individual exercises contain over 52 ways to fail is why Utility is often referred to as “Futility”.

He can be the Class Clown and sometimes gets “creative” and adds his own extra touch to the exercises. He is such a joy to work with and often has judges laughing at his antics in the ring. He is so pleased with himself after each exercise, even if he gets it wrong, I can’t be upset with him. As long as he keeps having fun, we will continue our journey towards his UDX.

I am so proud of this young dog that has rocked my world time and time again. As my task-oriented Service Dog, he is my lifeline, my partner, my best friend and my once in a million lifetimes dog.

A very special thank you again, to breeders Linda Riedel and Pam Holt of Ramblewood ESS for this incredible boy.

Marbled Mercedes Of Downs Lake CDX BN RE CGC
- Marble -
Owned by Beverly Gostovich
Average: 195.00 out of 200
Titled May 23, 2021


I would like to start by saying Thank You to the ESSFTA for this unexpected and prestigious recognition honoring my Marble as the 2021 OPEN SPRINGER OF THE YEAR! I could not be more thrilled and humbled.

Marble is an amazing girl! She is 5 years old and has an incredible heart and mind. Marble is so loving and gentle, even with my young grandchildren. Marble is extremely intelligent and totally dedicated to me. She just wants to be by my side doing what I like to do. She’s been incredibly easy to train and really enjoys life. She is fun loving and a bit of a clown at times.

Marble is everything you could want in an English Springer Spaniel! She is my constant companion and my self-appointed service dog. Since my cancer surgery, Marble has been able to detect any problems with my equipment. I can count on her to give me her all when I need it. My hope is that her excellence in obedience and rally will inspire an appreciation for her coloration. Marble is my everything!

Polesitter Here You Come Again CD RE
- Dolly -
Owned by Kimberly Berkley and Mike Bockhorn
Average: 198.50 out of 200
Titled November 4, 2021

Love is my word for Dolly! She is everything I look for in a Springer.

I love her spunk, always wanting to play obedience games!

Dolly showed in Novice Obedience at the Nationals in Mesquite, finishing her CD in style with scores of 198.5 in both trials for two High in Trials!!

Soon after, in January, she traveled to Florida to compete in the breed ring with Jody Garcini handling, finishing her conformation championship in style with a Best of Breed!

I’m looking forward to continuing the journey with Dolly, who is always a happy, funny girl and just loves life!

Thank you, Mike Bockhorn, for sharing Dolly with me! On to Open and Utility!!


CH RACH2 Ramblewood Don’t You Forget About Me UD BN RM6 RAE5 ACT1 ACT2J CGCA CGCU TKP
- Jack -
Owned by Karen Williams
Average: 299.80 out of 300


From the moment I first saw Jack, I knew there was something very special about him. His soft, sweet expression and that twinkle in his eyes won my heart instantly. After many months training to be my task-oriented Service dog, we began our Rally journey. He earned his Novice title one day before his 1st birthday and he’s been my Rally superstar ever since. The joy on his face when he is in the ring is infectious. He truly loves Rally and being my partner.

Being disabled, showing in multiple rings is difficult for me. Jack will sense my level of discomfort and pick up the slack. I’ve had more than one judge tell me they swear he can read the signs. I have given him the wrong command on several occasions, yet somehow he does the sign correctly. I can count on his scores being 99 or 100 almost every run. With very few exceptions, if he scores below 97, it is almost always due to handler error!

As of 3/30/22, he has placed 1st through 4th in 146 out of 197 times in the ring. He has won High Triple 17 times and High Combined 14 times. Jack is the first and only Springer to earn his RACH2 and the #1 Rally Springer since the inception of Rally in 2005. I am so proud of his accomplishments and honored that he is the Top Rally dog for 2021!

Sweet Jack: my rock, my lifeline, my world. Time and time again, your wonderful, amazing soul humbles me. You are far, far beyond one in a million. You are absolutely priceless to me.

A very special thank you to breeders Linda Riedel and Pam Holt of Ramblewood ESS for this boy.