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2021 Junior Handler Awards



Hi, my name is Hailey Gillotti and I have been showing English Springers for almost 6 years. When it comes to showing, I enjoy competing in Junior Showmanship, Conformation, Rally,Obedience, Weight Pull, and Barn Hunt. Recently I have gotten into practicing in NoseWork and Jumpers. I love competing in other forms of dog sports other than conformation and juniors because it is such a good way to really bond with your dog and it teaches you how to trust your dog and that your dog can trust you.

Outside of showing dogs I am involved in 4-H, which is a youth group where kids are able to show and practice training their animals. We also have an annual fair that everyone shows at, which is filled with Obedience, Showmanship and many fun classes. Amanda Rose is my primary dog when I show in 4-H. She loves going to the fair and visiting with all of the people who are there to see the dogs. I am also involved with the Torrington Music Program. I play violin in the orchestra and have gotten many opportunities to go to different competitions that have happened over the years. As well as getting to help the younger kids at the elementary and middle school level, like going to their concerts to help them and a program we have with the elementary school where they come to the school so we can help them. Being so involved in music has created many friendships and has given me many role models. My elementary, middle, and high school music teachers have always been there and have taught me so much not only about music.

Cerise Star Witness, Amanda Rose has 13 titles at just 4 years old, 4 of them are rally titles in AKC and UKC. She is currently working on her CD in Obedience and on getting her UKC Weight Pull Championship. Amanda is my second Springer that I had ever gotten. My first was Ava, Cerise Barefoot Contessa TKN. She was 10 years old when I got her and she was 3 months older than I was. She taught me so much about Spingers and is what made me fall in love with the breed so much. Ava helped open up many many opportunities for me. After she passed was when I got Amanda and just last July her half brother Cerise Valor, Valor came to live with us and I have been competitively showing him in Juniors and Breed. We have qualified for Westminster 2023, and we are currently in the Master Class.