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2021 Agility Awards

Agility Springer of the Year


- Dot -

Owned by Jennifer Carl-Howard, Bonnie Massie, and Tychea Stantz

YPS: 5.560

By Great Dane Photos

And this wild ride continues!

Humbled she was awarded Agility Springer of the year for 2020,to earn this a second time in 2021 is beyond any goals I had imagined for this team.

Dot is one very special teammate, bird dog, running buddy and willing partner on this adventure of a lifetime.

I have enjoyed many extraordinary moments with Dot, my first agility dog:
Earning two Master Agility Championships,
Maintaining position as the fastest Springer in AKC agility,
Competing in agility at Westminster, and
Competing at 2021 AKC Agility Invitationals.

Not to be solely defined by her skills in agility, this talented Springer has advanced titles in the hunt field, in Rally/Obedience, Scent work, and Dock diving.

Dot is the complete package!

Special thanks to her breeders Bonnie Massie, Tychea Stantz, for entrusting this girl to me.

Thanks to ESSFTA for recognizing this novice team with this very special award.

Novice Agility Springer of the Year

VinEwood That’s Me In The Spotlight AX AXJ

- RemE -

Owned by Shannon Shepherd

I didn’t have plans to start running RemE before he turned two years old, but he was performing exceptional in practice, so he came out in Novice in April of 2021. Our only goal was to have fun and see where we were at. Well, the first three day trial weekend, he finished his Novice Standard title and two of his Novice Jumpers legs. And the error in the third jumper’s class was mine when I pulled him off of a jump! Yes, he jumped BIG, well over his 20” height, but he had a wonderful time and was hooked.

He is an extremely honest dog when working and loves to train in all of his venues. Impressing judges with his Springer “flair” and pure joy, he is a crowd favorite.

Thank you to Kathy Patregnani for entrusting me with this wonderful little dog and to the ESSFTA for honoring our achievements.

Open Agility Springer of the Year

VinEwood Me Myself & Eye OA AXJ XF DJ CGC

- Meme -

Owned by Kathy Patregnani

YPS: 4.660

MeMe got her name as she was a singleton and for her the entire world was all about Me Me Me, and so the name stuck.

Due to my health, MeMe kind of got pushed to the back burner.

She had a couple litters and in June of 2021, I decided I really needed to get busy and train her for real. So with a just a few months of serious training we started our agility career. Our first trial was in the middle of October. We then went the Springer National where we earned our NA & NAJ titles, as well as a few Open legs. We showed one more time in November and in December in Sunny Florida we earned our last Open leg to complete the Open titles.

MeMe and I also play in obedience, rally, Dock Diving and every once in a while we get to chase the birds.

MeMe is easy to live with and loves her vittles.

We look forward to many more years of fun times in many different venues.

Thank you ESSFTA for recognizing MeMe.
Meme & Kathy

Excellent Agility Springer of the Year

VinEwood That’s Me In The Spotlight AX AXJ

- RemE -

Owned by Shannon Shepherd

YPS: 5.284

Photo by Ken Gee Photography

Eleven days of trialing…that is what it took RemE to go all the way through Novice to Masters in both Jumpers and Standard. Only one of those classes was less than a perfect score and it was due to him sliding off of the table during an Open run. Pretty amazing for any dog, let alone a dog who does it with speed, joy and consistency. RemE has been a wonderful partner in the agility ring and he is continuing his journey in 2022, already over halfway to his first Agility Championship, less than a year from stepping foot into the Novice ring with limited trialing.

Thank you to the ESSFTA for honoring RemE with this award.



- Link -

Owned by Tammy and Jim Sieburg

YPS: 4.439

Photo by Great Dane Photos

Link has been a special boy right from the beginning. He has loved agility even as a puppy learning the basics. He never minded redoing sequences until us humans got it right. He is open to doing anything we want from agility to sledding to swimming. As long as we do it together, he is happy. Link has been invited to the AKC Agility Invitational 9 times. At 12.5 years old, he has slowed down a bit but hasn't lost his love for the game. The places we've gone and the people we've met through this Little Brown Boy has made our life so much richer. Thank you to Link's breeders Mary Osbun, Laurie Green, Debbie Peck and Jennifer Kettleson for letting their little brown pup come to where he was always meant to be. Thank you to the ESSFTA for awarding Link this honor. We look back on Link's accomplishments and cherish all the fun we've had. Everyday we appreciate the joy and love that we share with him. We look to the future to continue to make new memories and adventures with our Little Brown Boy!