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2020 Versatile Springer Awards

CH Hillcrest Just Bet On Me CDX (Can.CD) BN RA MH12 MHA NAP NJP CGCA TKA WDX
Owned by Karen Lumb, Diane Gribble, Henriette Schmidt

2011: Canine Good Citizen
2012: Beginner Novice
2013: Champion, Junior Hunter, Working Dog Certificate
2014: Advanced Canine Good Citizen
2015: Am/Can Companion Dog, Rally Novice, Senior Hunter, Working Dog Excellent Certificate
2016: Rally Advanced
2017: Senior Hunter Advanced
2018: Master Hunter, Companion Dog Excellent, Trick Dog Novice, Trick Dog Intermediate
2019: Master Hunter Advanced, Novice Agility Preferred, Novice Agility Jumper Preferred, Trick Dog Advanced
2020: Master Hunter 12

Right from the start, we knew puppy Mia was destined to hunt. When her young litter was introduced to its first pigeon, her five brothers couldn’t wrestle the bird away from her. Mia has always approached her fieldwork with drive, balance and intelligence. She hunts with passion, and it’s been said that she doesn’t have an “off” button.

Mia loves to work, and whether it’s conformation, hunting, obedience, agility, or scent work, she throws herself into it with joy and abandon. Her trainers often pause to laugh at her spunky demeanor. Mia showed us the special bond that is formed between dog and human when they train together. She is that once in a lifetime “heart dog” who will run, train, work and play the whole day long, and then throw herself across your lap for a quiet evening of snuggling.

Mia became a conformation Champion (alongside the incomparable Karen Miller) one Sunday in Indiana, and the very next day, covered with sticky burrs at the ESSFTA National Hunt Test in Missouri, she earned her Junior Hunter title. She went on to earn multiple Senior and Master Hunter titles, along with Obedience and Agility titles, before an ACL injury forced her retirement from such physically demanding endeavors.

Our heartfelt thanks to Henriette Schmidt for breeding this smart, intuitive, loving little girl, for introducing us to the sport of hunting, and for always being there to support and encourage us. This recognition is especially notable as Mia joins her brother Ticket as Versatile Springer littermates. Thanks also to the Parent Club for highlighting the importance of versatility in our breed.

Owned by Amy Quinn Schwartz

Photo by Kim Kuhlman

2011: Rally Novice
2012: Amateur Field Champion, Field Champion, Multi Title certificate, Rocky Mountain Interclub Hi Point Amateur
2014: Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter, Beginner Novice, Multi Title certificate, Rocky Mountain Interclub Hi Point Open
2015: Master Hunter, Novice Jumper Preferred, Novice Agility Preferred, Companion Dog, Multi Title medallion
2017: Master Hunter Advanced
2018: SIN, Dock Junior, Canine Good Citizen, Multi Title medallion
2019: Rally Intermediate, Scent Work Container Novice, Scent Work Exterior Novice, Scent Work Buried Novice, Advanced Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Urban, Trick Dog Novice, Multi Title medallion
2020: Scent Work Container Novice, Scent Work Novice, Scent Work Handler Discrimination Novice, Scent Work Buried Novice Elite, Scent Work Container Novice Elite, Scent Work Novice Elite
2021: Scent Work Container Advanced, Scent Work Buried Excellent, Scent Work Interior Advanced, Scent Work Exterior Advanced, Scent Work Advanced, Scent Work Handler Discrimination Novice Elite

Delta was born February 8, 2008. I had two previous springers but decided I wanted a dog to attempt field trials. I contacted David Jones of Strong Gundogs in Victoria Texas. I brought her home at approximately 4 months age and she was the sweetest thing. On her puppy retrieves, she would come flying back at you and drop the bumper as she passed, skipping right at you.

David ran her in her first all age trial February 2010 where she got a third. After about a year, I began to run her in Amateur as well. She has the wonderful temperament that allowed her to have blazing speed and drive in the field but just hang out on ‘her chair’ in the house. Often she would run the both the Open and Amateur at the same trial and she handled it like a pro. She accumulated points in both all age stakes, but the blue eluded her. Then one weekend in November 2012 she placed first in Amateur and Open. She had enough points at that time to finish her AFC and FC. Additionally she accumulated enough Amateur points in 2012 to receive the Rocky Mountain Interclub Amateur High Point award. She continued running well and in 2014 she received the Rocky Mountain Interclub Open High Point Award.

In addition to trialing, she got to hunt extensively. David took her dove, quail, duck hunting in the fall in Texas as part of her training and took her to Colorado, Montana and Nebraska in the summers to take advantage of cooler weather. I would get pictures of her in the mountains or swimming in a creek and think ‘my dogs on vacation while I am at work!’ Any time she was home from trial training, we worked on completing her other titles.

She accumulated a lifetime total of 40 Open points and 45 Amateur points. After that, she ran an occasional hunt test with her last being in February 2020 at the age of twelve, where she qualified.

In her ‘retirement’, she also took up scent work, where she still is competing. Scent work has been great for her as hearing is not required. The hearing and speed are not the same, but the heart, nose and will are still there.