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2018 Obedience and Rally Awards

MACH Crossroad Polesitter Always UD OM2 RM MXB MJB NF
Owned by Kim Berkley, Laurie Green, and Jody Garcini

Average: 394.40 out of 400

ESSFTA Open Springer of the Year
ESSFTA Utility Springer of the Year
ESSFTA Obedience Springer of the Year
ESSFTA Rally Springer of the Year
MACH Crossroad Polesitter Always UDX OM3 RM RAE MXB MJB NF
(CH Polesitter’s Victory Lane X GCH CH Ramblewood Kstar Crossroad for Good)
Call name Beckett

It’s been another whirlwind year for Beckett (whelped July 24, 2015), who continues to astonish me with her love of everyday life and her absolute joy in competing.
Beckett finished her MACH in July 2018. Two months later, at her first ESSFTA National Specialty obedience competition, she won High Combined on the first day of obedience and High in Trial on the second. As of March 2019 she has 70 OTCH points, including six Utility wins. In three of those Utility wins she posted scores of 199.5, and once she notched a perfect 200!
Beckett also shone in rally at the 2018 ESSFTA National Specialty. She finished her Master Rally title at the National, winning both High Combined and Highest Triple Score along the way. Earlier in the year, at the AKC Rally National Championship, Beckett finished fifth among 67 dogs in the Rally Advanced class.
Beckett rounded out the year at the AKC Obedience Classic in Orlando, where she finished third in the large (47 dogs) and highly competitive Utility class. She won the ESSFTA breed medallion, finishing the year as the #1 AKC obedience Springer.
I couldn’t be more grateful to breeder Laurie Green and to Mike Bockhorn, who bred Beckett’s sire, CH Polesitter’s Victory Lane (Auto). Auto is a littermate to my AJ (CH OTCH MACH Polesitter's Absolute Victory UDX9 OGM VER RAE SH MXG MJB MXP MJP NFP NF), who received ESSFTA obedience and multi-title recognition in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.
It’s hard to believe this remarkable girl is not yet four. Who knows what lies ahead of her in a future that still looks limitless!

MACH Crossroad Polesitter Always UD OM2 RM MXB MJB NF
Owned by Kim Berkley, Laurie Green, and Jody Garcini

Average: 199.5 out of 200
Titled April 1, 2018

Utility is Beckett’s favorite class, I just love the look of joy when she runs out on her go outs, and flys back to me!!  Thank you so much to Laurie Green, Jody Garcini, and Mike Bockhorn for putting Beckett and me together!  She makes me laugh and smile every day!!  Thank you ESSFTA for the wonderful recognition!

MACH Crossroad Polesitter Always UD OM2 RM MXB MJB NF
Owned by Kim Berkley, Laurie Green, and Jody Garcini

Average: 198.33 out of 200
Titled January 19, 2018

Dog Show image from 2018 AKC Obedience and Juniors Classic.

Beckett- Open Obedience Dog of the Year!  Beckett was shown 2 times the old way with stays then finished her CDX with the new rules (1 minute sit or down stay), and now with the just stand to get your leash!! Again thank you to ESSFTA for making everyone feel proud of their accomplishments!


CH. VinEwood’s Make Mine A Double CD RA AX AXJ OF

Owned by Shannon Shepherd

Average: 198.33 out of 200
Titled June 3, 2018

I waited a very long time for this little dog and he has surpassed my expectations from the minute I saw him. Everything he does, he does with his own kamiKAZEE flair. From earning his breed Championship at 14 months, to winning Novice B obedience at the 2018 Nationals with a 199, to (most importantly) never knowing a stranger, Kazee is the epitome of a versatile Springer, with a solid structure and temperament to match. Kazee thinks Open and Utility are a heck of a lot more fun than Novice, so we are looking forward to entering those rings this year. One thing I know for sure…I will need to hang on, because it is going to be a wild ride!!

Thank you ESSFTA for honoring Kazee with this award.

Merfey’s Meadow Of Ferns CD RA NA NAJ RATO CGC
Owned by Jennifer Kroll

Average: 182.00 out of 200
Titled October 6, 2018

Our little Fern, at a young age of 6 ½ months old, went into the Novice A ring with me for the very first time and received her first qualifying score in Obedience. She made me so proud. 

I’ve always had Springer's and we have always worked on obedience. They have all been eager to learn and too please. However, this was our first venture into the actual ring and oh what fun it was. 

Fern is the granddaughter out of my girl, MACH 8 Drumbeat in Merfey’s Meadow MXB3, MJG3, RATO “HayLee”,   and is a real joy to live with. 

Fern is a busy girl and is eager to learn new things.  We did rally for a brief time and she received her RA title.  We have also have done barn hunt and earned her RATO title.  We are now focused on working on agility. 

Fern has her own unique personality, a little sass, a little independence, willingness to learn and please, and at the end of the day be by your side. Her favorite thing to do is hunt for moles, and she can do that for hours.  True to the Springer nature, Fern loves to "spring" through the tall grass in the fields  and is a joy to watch. Or, Fern is quite happy to just hang out in the sunshine and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Thank you ESSFTA for honoring Fern & I with this Award.  It was a delightful surprise and one I will cherish forever.

MACH Crossroad Polesitter Always UD OM2 RM MXB MJB NF
Owned by Kim Berkley, Laurie Green, and Jody Garcini

Average: 199.40 out of 200

Beckett likes Rally, however she does start getting imaginative, after learning how to do Master a few unwanted circles may appear.  I was very proud of her for being qualified and participating in The AKC Rally Nationals this March.  She finished 7th in the Master division out of 33 entries!  She was also HC and High Triple Rally dog, at the ESSFTA Nationals at Purina in 2018.  English Springers are so much fun to show off to the general public, people are always asking me about our beautiful dogs!  Thank you ESSFTA for everything you do for our wonderful breed and the recognition every year for all the talented dogs!!!