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2017 Special Recognition

Congratulations to every award winner!

Winners: Awards on this page will be delivered to you at the ESSFTA National or shipped directly to you shortly after. To ensure proper delivery, please check shipping address here 2017AddressCheck.pdf.

To report corrections or omissions, please email Kathy Pierce at

MACH Bryden Dream Best Kept Secret CD BN RA MXB MJB
Sandy Kucaba & Tanya Kucaba & David B Swartwood

Lisa M. Mccoy

MACH Fast Track's Bedazzle Me BN RN MXG MJG MFS T2B4 DM DS CGC TKA
Judith Valloze

MACH Grove's Blue Skies Smiling On Me CD BN RE MXB MJB XF T2B
Mr. Richard W Barker II

CT MACH Nozshoni's There's A Reesan VCD2 MXS MJS T2B
Sheila Koon

OTCH MACH Polesitter's Walk This Way UDX3 OM6 BN VER RE MXB MJB
Emily Falterman & Mike Bockhorn

OTCH Pride'N Joy's Spiders From Mars UDX2 OM4 RM RAE2 MX MXJ CA
Diane Sparks

OTCH Sand Creek's I'M Rudy UDX OM5 RN
Jennee Stalzer-See

MACH Trailwind's Right On Target VCD2 UD BN VER RE SH MXS MJS OF T2B
Mr. Randy Capsel & Cheryl L Clark

MACH Vinewood Once Upon A Tyme BN RN MXB MJB OF T2B CGC
Kathy Patregnani & Amelia Greninger