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2017 Show Awards

Cerise Lion Heart ex Ch. Cerise Southampton My Heart's Desire
- Timothy -
Owned by Dorothy Cherry
Bred by Dorothy Cherry and Donna Herzig
1485 Breed Points

Photo by Ruth Dehmel

Once in a lifetime a dog is born, your ideal of what an English Springer Spaniel should be--your heart dog--this is what Timothy has been to Cerise.

Timothy is the winner of 53 All Breed Best in Shows
224 Sporting Group Firsts
2016 Number 2 Sporting Dog, 2017 Number 2 Sporting Dog
2016 Number 4 All Breed

CH Capulet's Black Ice ex CH Telltale Wynmoor Amanda
- Whoopi -
Owned by Celie Florence, Beth Fink, Robin Novack, Delores Streng, Don Snyder, and Tracey Monahan
Bred by Celie Florence, Erin Kerfoot, PhD, and Delores Streng
1177 Breed Points

Whoopi is a multiple Best in Show winner and the daughter of a former sire of the year, CH Capulet’s Black Ice “Slick”, daughter of the 2013 Dam of the Year, CH Telltale Wynmoor Amanda “Mandy” and the grand daughter of Telltale Salute “RB” and Telltale Freestyle “Gorsha”.

Whoopi began her highly successful career in 2013 by winning Best in Sweepstakes, Winners Bitch, and Best of Winners from the puppy classes at the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association National Specialty. Whoopi continued her illustrious career and went on to win the following prestigious awards…

Multiple Best in Show Winner

2018 Select Bitch - Westminster Kennel Club
2017 Best of Breed - Westminster Kennel Club

2018 Best of Breed - American Spaniel Club Flushing Show
2017 Best of Breed - American Spaniel Club Flushing Show

2015 Best in Specialty Show - English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association National Specialty

2013 Winners Bitch & Best of Winners - Eastern English Springer Spaniel Club

Telltale is so honored to have been recognized by long time Springer breeders and Spaniel experts. This award reflects a lifelong commitment to the breed and our continuing dedication to preserving the breed standard. We thank all those who have supported our Whoopi!

Gch Wynmoor Champagne Supernova ex Ch Foxboro Snowbound
- Chris -
Owned by Linda O'Connor, Glenda McCain, and Susan Still
Bred by Susan Still
1167 Breed Points

Photo by Trisha Dunn Photography

I am forever thankful to Glenda McCain for letting me have this dog and to Donna Herzig for supporting his campaign in Glenda's memory. Without her all this would not have been possible.

Chris started his career in June of 2016 . That year he had 1 BIS and 27 Group 1st in just 6 months.

In 2017 Chris hit the rings running. He had 8 All Breed BIS, 7 RBIS and 44 Group 1st and 4 Best In Specialties. He finished #2 ESS Breed points and All-Breed points. And #7 Sporting Dog. To date in 2018 Chris is #1 Springer All Systems with 9 BIS, 5 RBIS, 31 Group 1st and 9 Best in Specialties. He is currently the #4 Sporting Dog and a Top 20 dog All-Breed.

Chris loves to show and it is obvious every time he steps in the ring with that "Pick me Attitude." He has several finished children with many more to come.
Every one of his wins are in memory of our dear friend Glenda McCain. We know you are smiling down on us!

CH Felicity's Rendition Guardian Angel ex GCH CH Cerise Barefoot Contessa
- Duchess -
Owned by Gail Walston and Dorothy Cherry
Bred by Dorothy Cherry and Kathryn Kirk
511 Breed Points

Photo by Booth Photography

Duchess was a star from the start, winning Best in Sweeps at the 2010 National, and Winners Bitch in 2011, shown by Megan Ulfers. She was later campaigned to great success by Howie Huber, including back-to-back Best of Breed at Eastern Ess Club.

This year is her 3 rd Runner Up Show Bitch of the Year Award.

Gail Walston has shown Duchess in the West in 2016-2017. Winning a Best of Breed and multiple Best Opposites at Specialties. We thank Gail for the loving care she bestows on our Duchess. They are a great much love on both sides

Gail Walston

CH Springbrook Tagalong My Own Magic ex CH Tiffany's the Whole Shebang
- Will -
Owned by Kim Bullard, Monica Bowers, Robin Novack, and Dr. Ken Goodhue-McWilliams
Bred by Robin Novack, Monica Bowers, and Scott Sommer
9 Champions

Photo by Trisha Dunn Photography

I remember seeing Will as a baby puppy and falling in love with him, I had no idea he would eventually come into my life. Fast forward several months and shortly after the Texas National, just prior to his 1st birthday Robin, Monica and the late Dr. Ken Goodhue-McWilliams offered to let me co-own him. I am forever indebted to the three of them for allowing this goofy dark faced boy to be mine. He and I have been on some amazing adventures and “stud dog owner” is certainly one of them. A whole new experience for me, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Will has never been the biggest fan of the conformation ring, he shows because I ask him to but much prefers his (what I call) smart dog tricks and enjoys showing them off as much as he can. Will finished his Grand Championship in AKC from the Veterans class and is also a Canadian champion and an American and Canadian Group Winner. We’ve dabbled in performance titles with his Beginner Novice and Rally Novice and pending more time in my schedule we’d love to do more.

Will was bred to produce well and comes from a long line of top producers in the breed. He has never been campaigned as a show or stud dog, yet at 24 champions and counting- I’m so pleased with the mark he’s making with his progeny. He has kids titled in conformation and performance events as well as those that are beloved family members.

Will was Best Veteran and Best Stud Dog at the Canadian National in 2017 and also won the Stud dog class at the ESSFTA National Specialty in 2016. With all that said, we know it takes two and I’m grateful to the breeders who have sent their beautiful bitches to be bred to Will. Without them, this award would not be possible.

At 10 years old he continues to be my constant pet and occasional show dog.

Ch. Sprucehaven Under Time RA NA NAJ NAP NJP WD ex Ch. Wil Orion Illusion
- George -
Owned by Melanie King, Kathy Lorentzen, B.A. Breese and Liz Kiener
Bred by Melanie King, Corrine Johnson, Janice and Erica Johnson
9 Champions

Photo by Trisha Dunn Photography

We are proud and honored to have George recognized as ESSFTA Sire Of the Year for the second time. He has proven to be an outstanding brood bitch sire, making daughters who in turn produce wonderfully. His 25 Champion children from relatively few breedings show him to be very valuable to the breed. We particularly would like to thank Lisa Knight (Chivalry ESS) for her faith in George as a sire and for finishing so many of his offspring.

During his amazing show career, this dog quickly earned the nickname ‘Gorgeous George’, given to him by his fans. George and Melanie were an incredible team in the ring-it was as if one could read the others thoughts!

George’s class career was an auspicious beginning. He won several Best In Sweepstakes and three five point Specialty majors (Eastern, Michigan and Minnesota) and an extra four point major from the puppy class under a judge who would be a lifelong supporter of his, Ms. Linda More.

The only year that he was fully campaigned (2013) he ended on top as #1 Springer and a top twenty Sporting dog with multiple Best In Show and Specialty Best of Breed wins. He also won both the National Specialty and the Top Twenty that year AND his first Sire Of The Year award. It was quite a year for Mel and her George!

Since the end of 2013, George has been shown only at Specialty shows (a few of which were held with all breed shows which allowed him to win three more huge Sporting Groups and two Reserve BIS as a Veteran in 2017). In May of 2017, he broke the standing record (36) of the most Specialty Best of Breed wins and then went on to win a total of 42, including a second National Specialty (from the Veterans Class) and the Canadian National Specialty from the BBE class at nine years old!

George was a top ten breed competition English Springer Spaniel for six consecutive years, the last four by virtue of being shown only at Specialties. In 2017 he was again in the all breed top ten having been shown at only four all breed shows.

Its been an incredible ride for Mel and George. Liz, B.A. and I (Kathy) are so grateful to them for taking us along. We are all gratified by the tremendous support that he has received from the fancy. His great breed quality, amazing charisma and strong bond with Melanie have made him a dog that will long be remembered.

CH Chivalry's Chances Are ex GCH CH Chivalry's Magical Journey
- JJ -
Owned by Lisa Knight
Bred by Lisa Knight
7 Champions

JJ is named in honor of her dam Journey (Journey Junior). Both her sire and dam Ethan and Journey are priceless dogs of mine. JJ’s pedigree is linebred on the top producers and previous ESSFTA show sires Dexter A/C CH Serenade’s Storm Warning and Mason CH ESSpecial Madison Avenue, along with many other notable ESSFTA breed and point winners. Her flawless temperament and correct spaniel type are a reflection of her pedigree, and contribution of those kennels before mine. She finished her championship in short order, breeder/owner/handled with 3 majors at specialties. She was also a top bitch and top 20 springer for most of 2016 with multiple Group placements, and specialty opposites handled by Brian Hubbard. JJ was bred twice to George, GCh. Ocoee Dsqd With a Vengeance resulting in her 7 champions for this award. They have been hugely successful in representing both JJ’s and George’s deep quality. Together the 7 of them earned specialty majors at every specialty in the Northeast and and many in the midwest. There is an 8th close to finishing this year, and JJ has just delivered a new litter sired by our Zac Brown (GCH Ocoee Away We Go). I would like to thank professional handlers Jody Garcini and Howard Huber for their expertise in showing JJ’s kids when I couldn’t get to shows. Special thanks go to Melanie King and Kathy Lorentzen for their support of all of George x JJ kids, and myself. Congratulations are in order to all of George’s owners on his award for ESSFTA show sire of the year award. All 9 of his champions in 2017 resulted from my breedings of two Journey daughters and a Journey niece to him. Lastly special appreciation and thanks go to co-owners Larry and Linda Schuster, Cathy Lisi, and Jack and Lamonn West Belvin for allowing me to finish their beloved dogs for their dam JJ. I am so honored and truly grateful.

GCHG Ocoee D Sqd With a Vengeance ex Ch Windmoor Anjolina
- Elle -
Owned by Rikki Knerr, Bettyann Hale, and Thomas Hale
Bred by Bettyann Hale and Thomas Hale
3 Champions

I met Elle when she was only 4 weeks old. From that moment, we both knew that we were meant to be together. I had only recently began showing and I was hooked. Tom and Bettyann Hale were planning out where to place each of the puppies when they told me that I could have whichever puppy I wanted from the litter of eight. Bettyann already knew which one was going home with me. Elle was the 5th Champion to finish in her litter, finishing with 3 major wins. She is the daughter of the Sire of the Year, George, and our beloved AJ.

I am very fortunate that I have had the two most amazing mentors/co-breeders to prepare, support, and guide me through this journey, planning and raising Elle’s first litter. This litter has continued to surprise me providing me with 3 Champions — one of which recently finished her Grand Championship, my very first Bred-by Champion, and my first Sweepstakes winner. Elle has never let me down and she’s an integral part of helping to raise every Windmoor puppy that comes through my home.

Ch Wynmoor Champagne Supernova ex Ch Foxboro Snowbound
- Reed -
Owned by Susan Still, Robin Novack, Beth Fink, and Laura King
Bred by Susan Still
3 Champions

Reed is daughter of 2 top producers, GchP Wynmoor Champagne Supernova and Ch Foxboro Snowbound. She is also the older sister of this years Runner Up Show Dog of the Year, GchP Foxboro Cristolino . Proving again that quality begets quality!!

Her offspring are sweepstakes and specialty winners but most importantly healthy and wonderfully tempermented examples of the breed. She will be bred one last time in the summer of 2018.

We are appreciative of Telltale and Wynmoor for their dogs contributions that have helped make my breeding program successful.