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2016 Junior Handler Awards


Stats: 927 Dogs Defeated

Sergio and I started working together 2 weeks before Eukanuba 2015. After retiring my older dog Fatz, GCH Streamlines Ain’T Misbehavin; from Rene Holt. He was a 1 ½ and quite a character. A Timmy son, that Howard Huber had shown. If a dog could seriously smile it would be him. He is always happy and loves everyone and everything. Even now he not always the most cooperative in the ring, due to the fact he LOVES everyone and wants to play and love them. He was able to take me to the next level in my showing ability. Though its not always been an easy road, I came to the conformation showing later then most of the other Jr’s I know. At the age of 12 I saw Westminster on TV and decided I wanted to go there. Being an Army brat with all the moving this has not been the easiest goal. But; I made it for 3 years, though I never won it was quite the experience.

Having a young dog that isn’t even a champion to work with and train for my last year was a challenge. One I would never trade, it was a challenge for me every time I entered the ring. I never knew what he was going to do when we entered the ring. How was I going to get his attention? How was I going to KEEP his attention? I had to catch him before he would jump on the judge or play with the dog behind him. But when he was on he was unstoppable.

The main lesson I learned with Sergio was how to let comments ride. I heard so many times that the “dog was showing the boy”. But every time I went in that ring I knew what it was taking for me to show him and how much work we had accomplished.

Thank you to Dorothy Cherry, Howard and Heidi Huber ,Kathy Kirk Rene Holt, Cheryl Mika and my Mom.


Stats: 917 Dogs Defeated

It's an honor to again be acknowledged for my success in juniors with my springer GCH foxboro I'll have another "Belmont". Not only being #2 springer junior but being #2 in the country. Big congratulations to AJ for ending up #1 junior overall. We have such a strong junior community in springers, I want to thank AJ Burlingame and Anna Shoop for being amazing friends while competing. Juniors is more then just winning, its about friendship, learning, experiencing, and the bond between you and your dog.