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2015 Show Awards

Ch. Telltale Do the Dew ex Ch. Telltale Miss Independent
- Randy -
Owned by Celie Florence, Beth Fink, Robin Novack, D. Van Vorst, C. Van Vorst, and Delores Streng
Bred by Celie Florence, Robin Novack, and Delores Streng

Photo by Jeffrey Hanlin

Randy is a double grandson of the great sire, CH Telltale Salute, and is a “Telltale dog” back through 5 generations.

As a 14 month old puppy, Randy won the breed over several specials from the puppy class, and then went on to win the Sporting Group under noted judge, Mr. Michael Faulkner. In a single dog show, he had 254 points!

In December, 2013, his specials career began. Randy won his first Best of Breed as a Special under David Flanagan at the Richland County (Cleveland) show. Later that day, Randy won his first Best in Show under Mr. James Reynolds, and then a Reserve Best under Mr. Kent Delaney, and two more Bests in Show later that week under Mrs. Wendy Wilhauck, and Mrs. Christine Walkowicz

Randy is the ESSFTA 2015 #1 English Springer and #2 Sporting Dog all breeds, and #8 dog all breeds . His children are starting to make their mark, and we are excited to watch them carry on the tradition of excellence of Telltale.

Ch. Telltale Do the Dew ex Ch. Wynmoor Telltale Sweetgrass
- Liz -
Owned by Dr. Erin Kerfoot, Billie Kerfoot, and Dr. Alison Smith
Bred by Dr. Alison Smith, Dr. Erin Kerfoot, and Celie Florence

Photo by Jeffrey Hanlin

What a memorable year 2015 was for Liz, GCH. Wynmoor Sweetgrass White Diamonds. Liz and handler, Janice Hayes, started off the year by winning Group 1 at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. From there, her specials career took off. In just a little over a year, Liz has won:

• Best of Breed at the 2014 ESSFTA National Specialty
• Top 20 at the 2015 ESSFTA National Specialty
• Best of Breed at the 2014 and 2015 Eukanuba National Dog Show
• Best of Breed and Group 1 at the 2015 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
• 40 Group Firsts
• and 10 Best in Shows

We are so proud of everything Liz and Janice have accomplished. They embodied true beauty and poise and always demonstrated genuine sportsmanship. We cannot begin to express how much we appreciated the support Liz received from fellow competitors and breeders. We look forward to the next chapter in Liz’s story, motherhood!

Owners: Dr. Erin Kerfoot, Billie Kerfoot, Dr. Alison Smith, and Rita F. Gatlin
Breeders: Dr. Alison Smith, Dr. Erin Kerfoot, and Celie Florence
Handler: Janice Hayes

Cerise Lion Heart ex Ch. Cerise Southampton My Heart's Desire
- Timmy -
Owned by Dorothy Cherry
Bred by Dorothy Cherry and Donna Herzig

Photo by Ruth Dehmel

Timmy was special from birth. (January 3, 2011) His dam was also dam of his illustrious sister Zelda, winner of 17 All Breed BIS and #3 Sportng Dog. As a puppy, Timothy quickly gained recognition, going Best Puppy in Show at multiple Specialties, including Keystone connected to the Rhode Island ESSFTA National from the 6 to 9 Class. At another Specialty, Timmy went on to win Breed from classes.

Prior to his campaign, Kathy Kirk put his Grand Championship on him in a couple of weekends, including Specialty wins defeating Specials, including the Cerise Specials. Kendra Huber put his Canadian Championship on him in two weekends and secured an All-Breed Best in Show.

Howard Huber started Timmy's campaign late in 2014, quickly winning Groups and multiple BIS and BISS. As of March 2016, Timmy has won 10 All-Breed BIS and 65 Group Firsts. He is #2 Sporting Dog (Dog News) and #1 ESS ALL Systems.

Timmy is already a fine sire, producing multiple Specialty Winners, including BOW twice at Eastern ESSC.

Most importantly, Timmy has a radiance of personality that charms all who come in contact with him.

GCh. Cerise Celtic Thunder ex Ch. Anli's Xing Xing
- Morrigan -
Owned by Jennye Hansen, Cheryl Giampapa and Lauren Giampapa
Bred by Cheryl Giampapa

Photo by Michael Vest

Morrigan, Gold Grand Champion Anli Castle’s Celtic Sorceress, was in a litter of six beautiful female puppies born to GCH Cerise Celtic Thunder and CH Anli’s XingXing bred by Cheryl Giampapa. Since I love Liam and I actually helped whelp XingXing I had great incentive to take one of these pups to show and love.

Morrigan has completely amazed us with her show career beyond all expectations. In 2015 she had 40 Breed wins, 47 Opposites, and several Group placements (3 Group1; 2 Group 2; 1 Group3; 2 Group 4). She won the breed at the prestigious Morris and Essex show among many outstanding Springers, won Select Bitch at the EESSC specialty in 2014 and 2015, and just won Select Bitch at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 2016. She was invited to the ESSFTA Top 20 twice, ranking third in 2014 and second for 2015. She has been lovingly shown by Meagan Ulfers and Jason Bailey, who we can’t thank enough for their devotion and care.

We want to thank all the judges that appreciated her wonderful qualities of form, balance, movement and temperament. Now on to motherhood…

Ch. Telltale Salute ex Ch. Karmadi's Madam President
- Slick -
Owned by Howard M Lorber, Celie Florence, Don Snyder, and Tracey Monahan
Bred by Howard Lorber, Don Snyder, Tracey Monahan, and Diane Herns

Photo by Jeffrey Hanlin

Without R.B. (Ch. Telltale Salute) and Madam (Ch. Karmadi's Madam President), there would not be Slick. Slick's parents share more than 100 All-Breed Bests in Show between them, all piloted by the best handler anyone could ask for -- Ms. Robin Novack.

Robin Novack (Tiffany) and Celie Florence & Deloris Streng (Telltale) were influential in the breeding that resulted in Slick. When Deloris met Slick for the first time, she called him "Stuart in a black suit." That literally made me catch my breath. We are forever grateful to Celie for sharing Robin with us so that she could show Madam to #1 Sporting dog in 2007, and share a truly special bond with her.

It was an honor to breed into the Telltale line, and our privilege to have co-owned Madam with her breeder, Diane Herns.

We are thrilled as breeders to see the next generation follow in their parents paw prints. We continue to hear wonderful things about Slick's puppies and are proud of what he has produced.

Thank you to all the breeders who have bred their lovely bitches to Slick - Without YOU Slick would not be the ESSFTA 2015 Stud dog of the year.

Here are a few words from Slick's number one fan Robin Novack: Not in a very long time has a sire made such an impact as Slick has on our breed. He is the true "love child" of R.B. and Madam, and he had huge "paw prints" to fill. Slick has been used on a limited basis, and has surpassed all our expectations. He has produced multiple National Specialty winning children and has stamped his offspring with his beautiful type & movement in litter after litter.

Thank you, Slick, for all you have done to enrich and perfect our breed! You have made us proud.

Ch. Telltale Freestyle ex Ch. Gilchrist Wynmoor Lexus
- Chloe -
Owned by Nancy Siver, Ruth Kirby, Erin Kerfoot and Kathie Milne
Bred by Billie, Charlie, and Erin Kerfoot

Photo by Ruth Dehmel

Chloe has been one of those once in a lifetime bitches!

Chloe's show career was highlighted by her BOS at the 2008 National, BOB at the 2009 American Spaniel Club, BOS at the 2009 Westminster KC, and BOB at the 2009 Eastern Specialty. She was awarded the ESSFTA Show Bitch of the Year in both 2008 and 2009.

Since she retired from the show ring, Chloe has been a fabulous producer with a total of 11 Champion get. Her award in 2015 is based on her 5 champion littermates produced by her breeding to CH. Capulet's Black Ice. She has always been a devoted mother and an enthusiastic show girl. She is currently enjoying her senior years as an ardent couch potato, but always with a toy in her mouth!

Ch. Felicity's Johnny Angel ex Ch. Cerise Spectacular View
- Liam -
Owned by Yuka Nobechi and Dotti Cherry
Bred by Kate O'Connell and Dotti Cherry

Photo by Jeffrey Hamlin

GCH Cerise Celtic Thunder Multiple BIS BISS “HAM”

#1 ESS Breed System Canine Chronicle

Liam is the son of a CH Felicity Johnny Angel “Johnny” and CH Cerise Spectacular View “Adele.” He was owned and bred by Kate O’Connell and Dorothy Cherry 2010-2014. In 2014 Yuka Nobechi joined Liam’s Team as owner for his 2014 Campaign.

Liam was born and bred to be a champion, handled throughout his career by Meagan Ulfers; winning multiple sweepstakes and BOWs, culminating in Best in Sweepstakes and BOW at Eastern Springer Spaniel Show in 2011. He received an AOM at ESSFTA National Specialty 2013 and 2014. He completed his 2014 campaign as the number one ESS All Breed System. We congratulate Meagan Ulfers for his great success in 2014.

Liam is a fine sire with multiple specialty winning offprings.

Ch. Karmadi's Blue Butterfly ex Ch Foxboro Lighten Up
- Charlize -
Owned by Susan Still
Bred by Susan Still

Charlize had a wonderful show career with several specialty wins and the honor of winning the BBE class and going RWB the day before the 2011 National. Her classic headpiece and flawless movement made her an easy winner.

She was bred to a dog that we feel exemplifies the standard, Gch. Wynmoor Champagne Supernova "Peyton" twice. These breedings produced the ultimate Juniors dog, Gch. Foxboro I'll Have Another, Ch. Foxboro Champagne Wishes, Ch. Foxboro Veuve Cliquot and Gch. Foxboro Cristolino . All obtained specialty wins on their way to their championships.

We were so pleased with the sterling temperaments and breed type with our Peyton offspring that we later bred her to Gch. Seaview Notorious, who is a Peyton son. This breeding produced Ch Foxboro Step Aside and Ch Foxboro Telltale Collaboration. Both finished very quickly with all their majors from the puppy classes.

Her new hopefuls sired by Ch Telltale Just Do It have started their careers with a bang from the puppy classes.

We are extremely blessed to have Charlize as an influential member our Foxboro breeding program.