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2014 Special Recognition

Congratulations to every award winner!

Winners: Awards on this page will be delivered to you at the ESSFTA National or shipped directly to you shortly after. To ensure proper delivery, please check shipping address here 2014AddressCheck.pdf.

To report corrections or omissions, please email Kathy Pierce at

MACH Aubrey's True Bliss CDX MXS MJS XF
Terry Johnson & Michelle Johnson

CH MACH Aubrey's Unforgettable Allegria CD RA MXS MJS NF CGC
Allison Miele

CH MACH Dream's Without Warning VCD3 BN GN RE MXB MJS
Sandra Kucaba & Tanya Kucaba & Thomas Griffith

CH MACH Eastwood Vinehill Nick Of Time CD BN RN MXB MJG OF
B A Breese

CH MACH Esquire's Pendragon At Moonhill CD RE MXS MJS NAP NJP MXF T2B
Sheila Jweid-Webber

CH CT Keswicke Navajo Dream Weaver At The Rendezvous VCD1 BN RA AX MXJ OF
Ms. Jean G Hilbig & Laurin Howard

MACH Kismet Bad Moon Rising MXB MJS MXF T2B
Joanne Hass

CH OTCH MACH Polesitter's Absolute Victory UDX5 OM9 VER RAE MXG MJB
Kimberly Berkley & Mike Bockhorn

CH OTCH MACH Polesitter's Brickyard UDX2 OM4 RE MXS MJS
Michael Bockhorn & Benjamin Custer

CH OTCH Polesitter's Talladega UDX2 OM4 BN RN AX AXJ
Pamela Brezger & Michael Bockhorn & Mary P Osbun & Laurie Green

MACH Sunrise Money Penny CD BN RN MXB MJS XF T2B CGC
Karen Vanderburgh & John Morrissey

CH MACH Topguns Free To Be Me JH MXS MJS
Tracy Salzwedel & Patty Salzwedel & Mrs. Linda M Riedel

MACH Topguns Take My Breath Away RE MXB MJS OF
Thomas Bielecky & Margaret Bielecky

CH MACH Woodridge's Nevagard Leadoffman CDX SH MXB MJS
Julie Damgaard & Timothy Damgaard