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2014 Versatile Springer Awards

GCH CH Hillcrest Devonshire I CC Going To Go CDX RE SH MX MXJ
Owned by Linda McGrady & Henriette Schmidt

Photo by Joan Walter, Patti Pentler, Photo by Toto

2011: Junior Hunter, Novice Agility Jumper
2012: Novice Agility, Open Agility Jumper, Open Agility, Companion Dog, Senior Hunter, Agility Excellent, Excellent Agility Jumper
2013: Champion of Record, Companion Dog Excellent
2014: Master Excellent Jumper, Grand Champion
2015: Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, Rally Excellent, Master Agility Excellent

I have always wanted, and had, black and white English Springers. However, in 2009 CC’s breeder somehow convinced me that “wallpaper” shouldn’t matter. That year the white and liver (yes, WHITE and liver) pup named CC came into my life and, as the old adage goes, the journey began.

Photo by Melody Carranza

CC has been a joy to work with and, much like a fine wine, she just keeps getting better with age. She has done everything I have asked of her, ESPECIALLY if there are cheeseburgers involved…a true Hillcrest ESS! She absolutely loves Hunt Work and finished her JH in 4 tests and her SH in 5 tests. While there is some handling in the field, it doesn’t compare to the handling necessary in Obedience and, even more so, in Agility. Unfortunately for CC, she was paired with me…definitely the weak link in the team. I don’t even want to think of the number of Agility NQs that were totally my fault. Boy, where would she be with a good handler?

With respect to the Breed Ring, she finished her Championship with 4 majors… pretty good for an ESS that isn’t “painted correctly”. In 2014 she finished her Grand Championship and became the first GCh ESS with a CDX, MXJ, 9 MX legs (oh, so close to that MX), and a Versatile English Springer Spaniel Award. She is the second GCh ESS to earn a SH title (her litter mate was the first).

All in all, CC has done well in every venue she has competed in. But, to me her greatest attribute is her sweet, comical disposition that makes me laugh! I just cannot thank Henriette enough for this wonderfully versatile little bitch with the personality PLUS.

Owned by Sandy Kucaba & Rebecca Hoskins

Photo by Lights, Camera, Canine

2007: Rally Novice, Novice Agility, CAN Agility Novice, CAN Novice Agility Jumper
2008: Junior Hunter, Rally Advanced, Open Agility, Novice Agility Jumper, Open Agility Jumper, Agility Excellent, Excellent Agility Jumper, United Companion Dog, United Agility I, ESSFTA Multi-Titlist
2009: Master Agility Excellent Jumper, Rally Excellent, Champion of Record, Master Agility Excellent, Companion Dog, Senior Hunter, Master Bronze Jumper, ESSFTA Multi-Titlist
2010: Companion Dog Excellent, Agility FAST Novice, Utility Dog, Master Agility Bronze, ESSFTA Multi-Titlist
2011: Rally Advanced Excellent, Master Agility Champion, Utility Dog Excellent, Master Silver Jumper, ESSFTA Multi-Titlist
2012: Tracking Dog, Versatile Companion Dog, Versatile Companion Dog 2, Master Silver Agility, United Companion Dog Excellent, Working Dog Excellent, ESSFTA Multi-Titlist
2013: Master Agility Gold Jumper, Agility FAST Open, Obedience Versatility, Master Agility Champion 2, Master Gold Jumper, United Rally Obedience 1, ESSFTA Multi-Titlist
2014: Agility FAST Excellent, United Rally Obedience 2

Photo by Lynn Stone

They say it takes a village, and Reve had a village. Thanks to Monica Bowers (Esspecial) for sending me to Becky Hoskins (Springbrook) for having the Springer I wanted: a black and white bitch who could do performance, conformation and would hunt. Reve met and surpassed all my expectations.
Reve partnered with Cheryl Clark (Trailwind) for hunting, training at “Camp Iowa” while doing homework drills with Sandy. Cheryl described Reve as “having a natural birdiness in the field, great drive and a strong desire to please.” These attributes allowed her to breeze through her JH and SH titles.

Trained by Sandy in obedience and agility, Reve was actually trained through Utility, but stalled a bit in Novice, as standing still (stand for exam)was not her strong suit! Once that hurdle was overcome, it was on to the more interesting advanced classes and agility! Reve had great drive and loved it all.

Daughter Tanya ran Reve in Rally, qualifying for the Top 20 in 2012. Reve was shown in the breed ring, and attained her championship, by her breeder, Becky Hoskins.
Now 9 years old, Reve is still going strong, currently working on nose work and loving it.