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2014 Junior Showmanship


Stats: 243 Points


Stats: 218 Points

I want to thank Susan Still, Melissa Thorson, Beth Fink, Celie Florence, Robin Novack, Erin and Billie Kerfoot, for trusting me, for teaching me all I know, and for their friendship.

GCH Foxboro I'll Have Another "Belmont" was my birthday and Christmas present when I turned 12. I had the pleasure to pick him out myself, I can remember the 6 hour car ride home like it was yesterday.

Since day one Belmont, other known as "Lips" has slept in my bed and been by my side. After all the practice, hours of grooming, money we've spent, the sweat, the tears, the blisters , the miles we've driven and everything in between, I fell in love with this sport and I owe that to this amazing springer. Belmont has shown me how to have fun and love what I do.

We have had a crazy 3 years, being ranked in the top 20 over all junior handlers since he was 6 months old, winning best junior handler at the preshows at Eukanuba, finishing at specialties, winning breeds from the classes, winning over $1,000 scholarships and together as a team we have won over 75 best juniors.

Belmont has done way more then I could ever ask him to, he has shown me how to love every minute win or lose, how to have fun and love what I do. It's hard for me not to laugh and smile when I'm with him, in the show ring or at home playing.

Thank you again Susan Still and Hannah Kolzow for Belmont, my perfect junior dog, my stalker, my selfie partner, and most importantly my best friend.

The future is bright for Belmont and I.