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2014 Field

AFC Prince Padraig of Rockhaven
Owned and Bred by Elaine M. Vanderslice and James M. O'Keefe

AFC Titled March 1, 2014

Photo by Elaine Vanderslice

Paddy is very special to me for many reasons. He comes from the best birthday present I ever received, his Mom, Sophie. Sophie and I have always had a very strong connection and it has carried through to Paddy and me. In the field, Paddy is a bold, powerful dog that runs with a lot of animation, and he is an exciting bird finder that gets your heart pumping. Around the house and yard Paddy is everyone’s friend, but especially mine. Paddy earned his AFC with two wins with me, and his FC with two wins with Jim. Paddy’s favorite thing to do is hunt, besides hunting, he loves to jump in my arms and put his head on my shoulder or sleep upside down in his bed. We are devoted to each other.