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2013 Versatile Springer Awards

Owned by Angela Monaghan

Photo by Kim Kuhlman

2003: Master Hunter
2004: Canadian Field Champion
2005: Amateur Field Champion
2008: Field Champion
2011: Beginner Novice (Obedience)
2012: Companion Dog, Tracking Dog, Novice Jumper with Weaves Preferred, Novice Agility Preferred, Versatile Companion Dog 1
2013: Agility Novice FAST Preferred, Rally Excellent, Open Agility Preferred, Open Agility Jumper Preferred, Working Dog Excellent

It's official. FC AFC CFC MH RE VCD1 (TD CD NJP NAP) OJP OAP BN NFP WDX Toby will join the ranks of the highest honored and is an ESSFTA Versatile Springer. I'm so proud of him. I started out with this goal, but in the end it didn't mean nearly as much as the wonderful journey it took to get there. Honestly, when I submitted his application this year, I really didn't care if they approved it or not.

Photo by Angela Monaghan

The Tobster is truly a special dog. His greatest strengths would be an amazing work ethic and a genuine love of learning. He never said no to any of the crazy things things I asked him to do, had amazing saint like patience as I bumbled through some of the newer training techniques and he always did it with a happy waggy tail. When he met his first full height teeter totter my plan was just to let him walk around it and sniff it, but instead he jumped on, went directly to the end and rode it down like a pro before I could even run to the end to spot him! That's just how Toby rolls.

Whether it was at a trial or hunting wild Montana roosters, in the field Toby was a magnificent bird finding warrior with relentless tenacity. I finished his WDX last fall, at age 12+ years old, in pounding rains during the historic (and scary!) Colorado floods... and he was unphased by it all. Truly an indomitable spirit.

Owned by Susan Hix and Toni Aden

Photo by Melody Carranza Photography

2010: Champion of Record
2011: Tracking Dog, Junior Hunter
2012: Novice Agility Jumper, Novice Agility, Senior Hunter, Rally Novice, Working Dog Excellent
2013: Versatile Companion Dog 1, Agility Excellent Jumper, Agility Excellent, Open Fast Agility, Rally Advanced, Companion Dog, Open Agility Jumper, Open Agility, Novice Fast Agility

We waited a long time to produce our first litter, out of our English Import Plaiglen Free Spirit CD RE NAJ NA and sired by CH Hillcrest Kocrk Canvas VCD1 RA SH AX AXJ VS. Our goal was to produce dogs with sound temperament, good health and versatility. The Versatile Springer Award is a goal we have been striving to achieve for several years. To achieve that goal with a dog we bred is a dream come true.

Photo by Great Dane Photo

Piper exhibits the traits we value most, friendly, eager to please and quick to learn. He is a joy to live with and a pleasure to work with. While we are proud of his titles, we are most proud of his work as a therapy dog. His first love remains hunting and pheasant season puts an extra spring in his step.

We greatly appreciate all of the support we have received from family and friends, both here and in the UK. I am sure if Piper could speak he would say “always keep your eye on the prize!”