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Versatile Springer Award

Owned by Donald and Carol Callahan

Our journey with Duffy began when we bred his litter and planned to keep a black and white bitch from the litter. Despite our plans, we found that our eyes kept returning to the only liver & white male in the litter. We finally decided that he would be our keeper.

Duffy was shown to 10 points, one major by Don before surgery ended his ability to show dogs or finish field training. With the help of a handler, Duffy finished his championship and Carol began obedience work. When he had completed his CDX title, Richard Matzke offered to complete his field work and after 6 weeks of training, Duffy finished his Junior Hunter and his WDX titles in one 4 day event.

Carol then went back to work on his Utility training. His UD did not come quickly, but once he managed to qualify he finished in 5 shows. On to agility training, after 10 lessons, Carol realized that her back would not stand up to the running required, so a friend offered to run him. He quickly finished his Novice Jumpers title in 3 shows with perfect 100 scores each time.

Duffy has proved to be a loving, companion capable of multi-tasking. We are so proud of him.

Champion - January 16, 2004
Companion Dog - July 31, 2004
Companion Dog Excellent - October 15, 2005
Working Dog Excellent - September 1, 2006
Junior Hunter - September 4, 2006
Utility Dog - July 18, 2009
Novice Agility Jumper - October 11, 2009

Owned by Karen L. Foster

In late 1999, Laurin Howard (Keswicke Springers) made an offer I couldn’t refuse: choose a mutually agreeable stud dog for my (and her) favorite Keswicke bitch, co-bred the litter, raise the puppies after weaning, and choose my puppy. From this breeding of Ch. Regent Comes A Time and Ch. Keswicke Once Upon A Time, born June 25, 2000, a black and white male, as it turned out, chose me. That was Cabot.

I finished his breed championship myself, with our best win a 5-point specialty major from Bred-by-Exhibitor. We had help with upper-level agility, but otherwise Cabot and I together accomplished his titles as a team. He took me places where I thought I had no interest—particularly the hunt test field and the agility arena. In return, I took him places where he definitely had no interest—namely, the obedience ring. Utility remains our nemesis.

A Versatile Springer award was not initially on the agenda for Cabot. But as he met one challenge after another, the possibility of a VS became real. With a UD apparently not in the cards, we pressed on in agility, and Cabot finished both his AX and AXJ on the same day in November 2009, thus earning the VS award.

I can describe Cabot in so many ways. He’s intelligent, gregarious, outgoing, and friendly to a fault; reliable; sensitive but not soft; easygoing; inquisitive; kind; happy; and funny. He loves all people and almost all other dogs. He’s a willing and superb mentor to puppies.

But he’s also BAD. His curiosity and amazing nose constantly get him in trouble, as my houseguests whose suitcases he has raided can attest. And ask anyone who has tried to lure him out of a pond at a hunt test or out of a pool about his passion for swimming—anytime, any place, any weather condition.

Ten years ago, I’d have never imagined that my cute, boisterous puppy would accomplish so much. But then, 10 years ago, I was only just getting to know Cabot.