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Junior Showmanship


I have been around dog shows for all of my life. I started my junior career, on my 10th birthday, with a bang. I won my class under Mr. Ric Chashoudian, a wonderful man who still remembers giving me that first win. That win is something I will never forget. From that moment I was hooked, I loved showing in juniors.

One of the things that I will always be proud of is the fact that I never showed another breed besides the Springers in juniors, for all eight years that I showed. Something else I can be proud of is that I actually bred one of my favorite junior dogs, and finished him out of the bred-by class.

I owe most of my success to my mom and mentor, Janice Johnson. She had taught me basically everything that I know, and she has supplied me with all the amazing dogs that I have trained (with her help of course), and shown in juniors. I know that I will miss showing in juniors since I just aged out on October 11, but I do look forward to mentoring future juniors.


Three years ago, I arrived home with my first Springer, Toby. He was the perfect puppy, and I fell in love the instant I saw him. I had been showing a Cavalier and it was my dream to get an English Springer. As soon as Toby turned six months I started to show him. With the help of many people, Toby and I got better and better. I worked really hard and had to learn very much considering that I switched from a Toy dog to a Sporting dog.

Today, Toby is finished, completely owner-handled by myself, and I made it to the #9 Sporting Junior Handler of 2005. I have a new challenge ahead of me with my new puppy, Layla, which I am looking very forward to!

I also wanted to say congratulations helped me through a lot and you are an amazing handler!!!

~Tracie West