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Procedure for Choosing the National Amateur Judges

Effective July 23, 2001

The National Amateur Championship Judges selection procedure committee made up of; Peter Andersen, Don Bramwell, Mark Brookshire, Bob Bullard, Jeff Miller, and Sue Neville.

The purpose of this committee was to come up with a procedure where individual qualifiers select the judges for the next years championship (amateur) rather than the clubs. In the past Clubs have voted on judges. Each member club of the parent club had one vote. The participation level, both at the local club level and the National level, was quite poor. In 2000 it was voted that this committee would be formed to come up with a procedure where Individual qualifiers vote for the judges. The new procedure is:

A) All qualifiers for the National Amateur Championship shall vote for the next years National Amateur Championship Judges.

B) Each Qualifier, defined as the registered owner of the dog, will vote for four (4) judges in order of preference. These votes will be weighted, i.e. 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 2points, and 4th = 1 point. The two- (2) people with the most points are the judges for the next years National Amateur Championship. Each qualifier will get one ballot even though he/she may have more than one dog qualified.

C) The ballot will be invalid unless four (4) people are voted for.

D) The ballots must be returned to the Secretary three (3) weeks before the National Amateur. Those qualifying after that date may vote at the National Amateur Championship.

E) A tie vote will go to the person with the most judging assignments.

F) The qualified judges on the ballot will be prescreened for desire to judge the Nationals. The Secretary, or alternate, will notify each person qualified to judge the National Amateur by mail (registered if desired). The qualified person must return the affirmative response to the Secretary by July 1st to be included on the ballot.

G) The Secretary will report the results to the next years National Amateur Championship General Chair. The General Chair will announce the results at the Nationals. The results should also be published in "the Springer Spotlight" and any other may media outlet may publish the results. A copy of the tally shall be made available to any and all interested parties.