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Versatile Springer Award

CH Holiday's Foolish Pleasure, CDX JH AX OAJ WD
Owner: Cathy Reinhart

1993 AKC Companion Dog
1995 AKC Champion; Winners Bitch - American Spaniel Club
1996 AKC Novice Agility; AKC Companion Dog Excellent
1998 AKC Open Agility
2000 ESSFTA Working Dog
2001 AKC Junior Hunter; AKC Open Agility Jumpers
2002 Excellent Agility

I was not looking to get a puppy when I first saw Gamble, but she stole my heart on the spot.

In our first year as a team we earned a CD. She went on to be Winner's Bitch at American Spaniel Club. She then earned her CDX, but not without letting me do a heeling pattern by myself at least once. Then came agility, which we learned together. At nine years of age she entered a Working Dog test as an extra dog to help meet the quota for a valid test. Unexpectedly, she earned her Working Dog Title, and then continued on in hunt tests to earn her Senior Hunter with ease.

She has produced my first two Champions and Group placing dogs. In addition, she has produced my first two Senior Hunters and my first High In Trial Springer. And of course, last year's versatile springer CH Roblyn Cherokee, CD SH AX OAJ WDX VS CGC. She is my heart and soul dog.

Cathy Reinhart

CH Roblyn Mercedes Benz, CD JH AX OAJ WD
Owner: Cathy Reinhart

1997 AKC Companion Dog; AKC Novice Agility
1998 AKC Open Agility
1999 AKC Open Agility Jumpers
2001 AKC Excellent Agility; AKC Champion
2002 AKC Junior Hunter; ESSFTA Working Dog

Ben is my third versatile springer. I never would have thought I would have two, let alone three versatile springers. Ben is a good ole dog that has taken every adventure with enthusiasm and a willingness to please. Ben has been a steady performer in obedience, agility, and the field. He does not really have unpredictable days. You always know what to expect from him.

He has given me a daughter with tons of drive and enthusiasm for anything put in front of her. Simply put, he is a happy go lucky guy.

Cathy Reinhart

FC AFC Greenbriar Reckless, MH OA NAJ CD
Owner/Handler: Janet Christensen, DVM

1999 AKC Field Champion, AKC Amateur Field Champion
2001 AKC Master Hunter, AKC Novice Agility
2002 AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves; AKC Open Agility;
AKC Companion Dog

Rex came to me as a stud puppy from my National Field Champion Greenbriar Raider. He did well in the field and soon finished his FC/AFC. Because of a health problem in my family, I was unable to get another puppy, so I decided to get more out of the one dog that I did have. The VS had a lot of appeal to me. The MH was easy for Rex, except for the water blind, which caused us to train hard. (Thank you, Rob Barlow for your expertise.) At the same time, my daughter had acquired a mixed breed high energy dog and we decided to do agility together. This was very exciting and difficult for me, as it was an entirely different type of training from what I had done in the past. I had hoped to get a novice degree and was delighted to earn both OA and NAJ. We finished up with the CD in obedience. It was a great pleasure to finish that degree under Judge Carol Callahan!

I am proud that Rex was out of my breeding, and that he was owner trained and handled to all his accomplishments. He has now retired to the soft life of a beloved house dog.

Janet Christensen

AM & CAN CH Serenade’S Spirit of Alynn, VCD1 JH AX OAJ WD
Owners: Lynn Winchester & Anne Hutchinson

2000 AKC Champion; ESSFTA Working Dog; AKC Tracking Dog;
CKC Champion; ESSFTA Multiple Titlist recipient
2001 AKC Junior Hunter; AKC Novice Agility Jumpers;
AKC Novice Agility; ESSFTA Multiple Titlist recipient
2002 AKC Open Agility; AKC Open Agility Jumpers;
AKC Agility Excellent; ESSFTA Versatile Springer Award
recipient; AKC Companion Dog; Versatile Companion
Dog 1; ESSFTA Multiple Titlist recipient

Spirit is the youngest to receive the Versatile Springer Award completing all titles one month after her third birthday. She has also been a multiple titlist for three years. It wasn't planned, it just happened. From the beginning, she has enjoyed the excitement and challenge of competing in many activities.

At a very young age, she had the attitude and presence that said, "I can do this, I am the one!" Her first introduction to field work was at eleven weeks old and she instinctively retrieved her bird. Her first show at nine months was to be for experience, but resulted in her winning a four point major. She soon finished her American Championship while still a puppy.

Her favorite events are hunting and tracking as she gets to use her nose and loves the thrill of the reward at the end of the hunt.

In February, Spirit whelped her first litter and her puppies will be competing in many performance events in the coming years. Future plans are to add a CDX and TDX to her resume.

"The typical Springer is friendly, eager to please, quick to learn and willing to obey." Spirit truly exemplifies the Spirit of the Springer.

Lynn Winchester

FC Melchris Skylar, MH CD NA
Owners: David H. Hopkins & Marie M. Hopkins

1993 AKC Field Trial Champion
1998 AKC Master Hunter
1999 AKC Companion Dog
2002 AKC Novice Agility

Skylar is the all-time favorite at Melchris. Her great-grandmother (Tammie) was the first field-bred Springer at Melchris, and Skylar's own get continue to compete. Her son, Dakota, was high-point dog at last year's National Bench Specialty and is now a Master Hunter.

Skylar has competed coast-to-coast for over a decade, entering her first puppy stake in 1991, wrapping up her agility title in 2002. In between, she ran in three Nationals, competing in field trials from Nevada to New York and in hunt tests from Washington State to Georgia.

Skylar became a "Versatile Springer" ("VS") in May, last year, at the age of 11 years and 10 months, when she completed her agility title (with three perfect scores). Skylar was born July 19, 1990, sired by FC/AFC Orion's Ebony Repeater, out of FC Melchris Jennifer. She is the reigning matriarch over the canine population at Melchris, constantly challenging other Melchris-bred Springers to match or surpass her record.

David and Marie Hopkins

UCDX CH Tribute’S Three X The Charm, UDX TDX AX OAJ VCD2 JH
Owner: Mindy Mymudes

1997 AKC Companion Dog; AKC Tracking Dog; CKC
Companion Dog; High Scoring Tracking Obedience Dog
1998 AKC Champion; AKC Companion Dog Excellent;AKC
Tracking Dog Excellent; CKC Companion Dog Excellent;
High Scoring Tracking and Champion
1999 AKC Utility Dog; AKC Novice Agility; AKC Open Agility;
AKC Novice Agility Jumpers; High Scoring Tracking
2000 AKC Utility Dog Excellent; AKC Excellent Agility; High
Combined at ESSFTA National; High Scoring Tracking
2001 VCD2; AKC Open Agility Jumpers; High Combined at
ESSFTA National; High Scoring Tracking
2002 Junior Hunter

Ten years ago I had a very ill springer, rescued from a litter born in a barn. A friend I met on Spanie-l helped me through this time, and gave me a priceless gift: a healthy liver tri-colored springer puppy, born two months after my birthday. Charm's life, from conception till now, has been chronicled across the Internet.

Charm became my obedience, tracking, and agility partner, my first show dog and the dam of Champions and performance dogs. She does everything with enthusiasm, earning a five point major, Dog World Awards, many HIT and HC, including two at the Nationals, as well as earning the ESSFTA awards of HS Obedience Champion and HS Obedience Tracking dog of the year. Despite back surgery and the resultant paralysis, caused from "hunting" in a tree, she recovered to complete her JH.

I am lucky to have spent the last nine years with her.

Mindy Mymudes