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National Open Placements

Photos By Loretta Baughan

NFC FC AFC Whirligig Canis Serius "Major"
Owner: Ray & Sue Paolucci
Handler: Gary Breitbarth

AFC Mountain View Scratches
Owner/Handler: Esther Faraci
Gunners Award and also Best Amateur Handler Award

Bridgewater's Highwayman "Jesse"
Handler: Bill Boeckman

Gone With The Wind "Tara"
Owner/Handler: John Hall

Judges Award of Merit

AFC Sunrise Seamus of Stuyvesant
FC Yankee's Litl Rebbel
Dansmirth's Lexus
Hearthrock Blaze
Mason Dixon Rebel

2002 Top Professional Handler & Winner of
The Martin J. Hogan Memorial Award

Jim DeVoll