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Versatile Springer Award

The recipient must:

  • Be a champion in one endeavor
  • Achieve the highest level in a second endeavor
  • Have accomplishments in at least two other areas
  • Have one of the four areas be hunting or field

All together there are six possible endeavors - Breed, Obedience, Hunting, Tracking, Agility and Field. Accomplishments in all areas are considered to be titles earned.


  • FC/AFC/CFC Pride ‘N’ Joy’s Sunrise Zoomer, CD MH OA NAJ
  • Alynn’s Time Traveller, VCD2 MH MX MXJ
  • CH Roblyn Cherokee, CD JH AX OAJ WDX
  • AM/INT CH Vasdon ‘N Pridemark’s Excalibur, CDX JH AX AXJ WD

FC/AFC/CFC Pride ‘N’ Joy’s Sunrise Zoomer, CD MH OA NAJ
Owners: Julie Hogan and Donna and Bernie Thompson


1993 National High Point Puppy
1994 Canadian Field Trial Champion
1995 Field Trial Champion
1997 First-Field Trial Class National Breed Specialty
1998 Amateur Field Trial Champion
1999 Certificate of Merit Canadian National; Companion Dog
2000 Novice Agility Title
2001 Novice Agility Jumpers Title; Open Agility Title; Master Hunter

Special dogs come through our lives and leave more than memories. They imprint our hearts and remind us why we have English Springer Spaniels. I have been fortunate to have known, shared, and loved several special Springers, including Zoomer and his mother, Ringer. Ringer was my first field-bred springer and Zoomer was from her first litter. As a breeder nothing is as fulfilling as producing Champions/titled dogs out of any breeding. Ringer was an outstanding producer.

Zoomer has realized many dreams for me. The accomplishments are the result of some very dear people helping Zoomer and me. Gary Wilson of Sunrise Kennels trained and trialed Zoomer for six years, finished 5 Nationals with him and earned his FC and CFC. I handled him to his AFC, his CD and his MH. I did his beginning training and handling in agility, but it is Janet Kolakoski I thank for handling him to his agility titles. I thank my partners in Pride ‘N’ Joy and Zoomer’s co-owners, Donna and Bernie Thompson for the love of the breed and for allowing me to explore the “other side”. And finally, thank you Zoomer, for your fun and enthusiasm, and for being such a nice dog.

Julie Hogan

Alynn’s Time Traveller, VCD2 MH MX MXJ
Owner: Lynn Winchester


1997 AKC Junior Hunter; AKC Novice Agility; AKC Canine Good Citizen; AKC Tracking Dog; AKC Companion Dog; ESSFTA Working Dog; ESSFTA Multiple Titlist; Boeing Company’s Dog of the Year
1998 AKC Novice Agility Jumper; AKC Open Agility; AKC Open Agility Jumper; AKC Agility Excellent; ESSFTA Multiple Titlist; ASCA Novice Agility Standard; NADA Novice Agility
1999 AKC Senior Hunter; AKC Excellent Agility Jumper; ESSFTA Working Dog Excellent;
ESSFTA Multiple Titlist
2000 AKC Master Agility Excellent; ESSFTA Agility Standard Springer of the Year;
AKC Number One Excellent Standard Agility Springer of the Year
2001 AKC Master Hunter; AKC Master Agility Jumper; AKC Companion Dog Excellent;
AKC Number One Excellent Standard Agility Springer of the Year;
ESSFTA Agility Standard Springer of the Year; ESSFTA Multiple Titlist

Alynn’s Time Traveller was destined to be outstanding long before she was born. "Marty" is the result of the oldest frozen semen of any AKC breed. A single birth, she possesses the heart and hunting desire of an entire litter, thanks to the genes of her famous Champion hunting show sire -- Am. & Ca. Champion Geiger's Chief Geronimo CD, WD.

“Marty” has proven her versatility in five arenas: Tracking Dog, Companion Dog Excellent, and three master titles: Master Hunter, Master Agility Standard, Master Agility Jumpers. Although only six, Marty is an ESSFTA multiple titlist four times, number one AKC and ESSFTA Excellent Standard Agility Springer for 2000 and 2001, and one of three show bred bitches to earn Master Hunter. Alynn’s Time Traveller’s enthusiasm and eagerness to work captures the essence of “The Spirit of the Versatile Springer”.

Lynn Wincester

CH Roblyn Cherokee, CD JH AX OAJ WDX
Owner: Cathy Reinhart


1998 Novice Agility; AKC Championship; Canine Good Citizen;
Novice Agility Jumpers; Companion Dog; Open Agility
2000 Junior Hunter; Working Dog Excellent
2001 Open Agility Jumpers; Excellent Agility

Nobody planned for “Cherokee” to become a Versatile Springer. Even Cherokee didn’t plan it! Her owner Cathy Reinhart says she enjoys “playing in all the areas” of Springer activity, and so Cherokee got exposed to all of Cathy’s interests. Cherokee proved to be so adept and talented in ALL of her endeavors that the Versatile Springer title just happened!

Cherokee was whelped on May 16, 1996 (the day this is written happens to be her 6th birthday!) Cherokee (aka “Wild Woman” to her friends) started out fast. Before her 2nd birthday, Cherokee had achieved her NA title (March ’98), her show Championship (April ’98), and her CGC (also April ’98). Later that same year, Cherokee also earned her NAJ (Sept.), OA (Nov.), and CD obedience title (Nov.) Wow, what a busy year — 6 titles.

Cherokee took a rest in 1999 (after all, Cathy has other dogs, and anon-doggy life as well, but she came back strong in 2000. Turning her efforts to field work, Cherokee earned her WDX title in Feb., and by July had her Junior Hunter title. And last year, Cherokee added two more titles: OAJ and AX. If that isn’t enough, Cherokee would like everyone to know that she currently has 3 SH legs, 2 MX legs, and 1 AXJ leg. So keep watching this “Wild Woman” She ain’t through yet!

Cathy Reinhart

AM/INT CH Vasdon ‘N Pridemark’s Excalibur, CDX JH AX AXJ WD
Owner: Tammy Osborn


1995 AKC Companion Dog; AKC Canine Good Citizen
1997 AKC Championship; AKC Junior Hunter
1999 AKC Novice Standard Agility; AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves; AKC Open Standard Agility; AKC Open Jumpers with Weaves; AKC Companion Dog Excellent
2000 AKC Excellent Standard Agility
2001 AKC Excellent Jumpers with Weaves; ESSFTA Working Dog; IABCA International Champion

“Arthur” has been a once in a lifetime dog. He has been the first dog I have ever owned that wanted to do it all. I would have never dreamed of myself in a field working a Springer, but Arthur's natural instincts were saying “let’s go”. He taught me all about hunting. His personality is so free and fun loving. His mischievous side sometimes gets the better of him in agility and obedience, but who else owns a dog that qualified in open obedience with a roll over on recall. Arthur was owner handled to all of his titles which has made them all the more special. His temperament is unbeatable and as a result of this wonderful temperament, Arthur has done therapy work at Senior Citizen homes and has been part of a therapy program for mentally challenged teenagers and adults. He has also traveled to schools as part of a program to educate children on proper pet care.

Tammy Osborn