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Colours Wins the VS Award

CH Hillcrest Nantn Kocr Colours CD TD NA MH CGC
Breeder/Owners: Henriette Schmidt, Daisymae Mayer, Marah Bolden
by Marti Nickoli

Colours is the not only the first entirely showbred but he is also the first conformation champion English Springer Spaniel in the history of the breed to earn a Master Hunter title. In 1995, he earned his Canine Good Citizen recognition and completed his Junior Hunter title in two weekends before he was 18 months old.

Just one year later, in 1996 he earned his Senior Hunter in two weekends.

Continuing with his one hunting title per year schedule, in 1997 he earned his Master Hunter. This was the first time Henriette had trained at the master hunter level and she says Colours managed without electricity to survive her training, her handling and her mistakes. His patience was amazing as she finally managed to say the right word at the same time she gave a signal….or at least most of the time they matched. Meanwhile, Colours started going to breed shows and earned his first 8 points, including his first major. By the end of the year he had also completed his WDX and CD.

In 1998 he gave up working in the field to finish his breed Championship. As a finale, he was one of three English Springer Spaniels representing the breed in the first Field of Champions Invitational Dog Exposition, National Championship Show for Dual Titled Dogs - a special AKC event. He went Best of Breed and took a Group IV in a fine field of 21 dogs.

He came home, retired his snood and started playing in agility in 1999. Henriette decided she was of little use when it came to helping him qualify, so friends came to the rescue…..Tracy ran him for the first leg and a 4th place and Joan ran him for legs two and three. Henriette says that while it would have been fun to do it herself, Colours was probably thrilled to get to work with people who could keep up with him. His agility title made Colours Versatile Springer #3.

In 2000 Colours and Henriette have gone on to complete his TD and hope to finish his CDX soon. His adaptability, cooperativeness and enthusiasm have enabled him to move easily and happily from one activity to another. Through all of his showing in five different endeavors, the thing that this family man has loved most was coming home to be in charge of the proper upbringing of his children, granddaughter, and grandson.

On behalf of the ESSFTA I want to extend my heartiest congratulations.

Marti Nickoli