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1998 Versatile Springer Award

Read an Interview with Lynn Winchester

A/C/Intl. Ch. Alynn's Ambassador CDX, TD, SH, MX, MXJ, WDX, CGC

Who hasn't dreamed from time to time of having a dog who could "do it all" -- a champion in the conformation ring, with strong instincts and training in field, hunting, and tracking, a sharp intellect for obedience and agility, and great temperament as well? And for those whose dream has come true, wouldn't it be nice to have some official recognition that it's more than just a dream? It was questions like these that prompted Randy Capsel to first suggest a recognition for Springers who have proven their ability in each of these areas.

Marti Nickoli encouraged Randy to put his thoughts on paper, which led to the formation of a Parent Club committee to pursue the idea. A representative from each AKC-recognized venue was asked to serve: Nancy Siver (breed), David Hopkins (field), Randy Capsel (hunting), Julie Hogan (tracking), Karen Bolt (agility), and Marti Nickoli (obedience).

Over a two-year period, the committee worked together to establish the criteria for the award. Once a consensus was (finally) reached, the proposal was sent to the Board of Governors of the ESSFTA. The board officially established the Versatile Springer Recognition at its annual meeting in February 1998.

The criteria for the award are challenging. The recipient must:

  • be a champion in one endeavor
  • achieve the highest level in a second endeavor
  • have accomplishments in at least two other areas
  • have one of the four areas be hunting or field

In June 1999, at the National Specialty in Portland, Oregon, the first dog to receive this prestigious recognition was announced: A/C/Int. Ch. Alynn's Ambassador CDX, TD, SH, MX, MXJ,WDX, CGC.

As Marti noted when she presented the award, "We believe that Smokey represents all the attributes we had hoped to see when this recognition was established. He has proven that not only does his conformation fit the breed standard, but he can work in the hunting field, he is an exceptional obedience dog, he flies around the agility ring, and his scenting ability is outstanding when he goes tracking. He completely encompasses the intent of this special recognition. Please join us in congratulating his breeder/owner/handler, Lynn Winchester."


Congratulations, Lynn! Smokey truly is a dream come true.

American/Canadian/lnternational Ch.
Alynn's Ambassador CDX, TD, SH, MX, MXJ, WDX, CGC
Breeder/Owner: Lynn Winchester


Canadian Champion
AKC Tracking Dog

AKC Champion
AKC Companion Dog
AKC Junior Hunter
ESSFTA Working Dog
ESSFTA Obedience/Working Springer of the Year

International Champion
AKC Canine Good Citizen
AKC Novice Agility
AKC Companion Dog Excellent
Agility Dog of Canada
Agility Dog of Canada Jumpers
ESSFTA Working Dog Excellent
Canadian Companion Dog

NADAC Novice Agility
NADAC Novice Agility Jumper
AKC Open Agility
ESSFTA Obedience/Working Springer of the Year
ESSFTA Obedience/Hunting Springer of the Year

AKC Agility Excellent
NADAC Open Jumper
NADAC Open Agility
AKC Excellent Agility Jumper
AKC Senior Hunter
AKC Master Agility Excellent
ESSFTA Agility Springer of the Year

ESSFTA Versatile Springer Award