The English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association (ESSFTA) is the American Kennel Club (AKC) parent club for the breed. This means that the ESSFTA is the steward for the breed standard as well as AKC competition standards and guidelines. The ESSFTA also works with organizations such as the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) to establish health and genetic testing standards and guidelines.

The ESSFTA’s activities are guided by a focus first and foremost on that which benefits the breed, and maintains the heritage entrusted to us by generations past. We support our members in their efforts to promote, protect and enjoy this marvelous breed, and provide information to the public to acquaint them with its history and character.

With its sister organization, the English Springer Spaniel Foundation, the ESSFTA works to improve the genetic health of the English Springer Spaniel via research projects and breeder education projects, and fosters the history of the breed via the joint Archives committee, as well as through our relationship with the Bird Dog Foundation.

The ESSFTA does not directly undertake rescue activities. It supports and applauds the efforts of the various rescue groups devoted specifically to that cause.