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Attached are the documents for the February, 2023 meeting.      MEMBERSHIP AGENDA      BOARD AGENDA

Presidents Message:

Happy February 2023 Members!

It is the time for establishing resolutions and setting our goals for 2023. Each one of you should be very proud of your contributions to our sports last year. Whether it was exhibiting your beautiful dogs in the show ring, preforming in events, conducting field trials, judging, or volunteering at club events, we are grateful for you!! Your commitment and dedication to the English Springer Spaniel has helped our beloved sports, and our breed continues to grow and thrive. 2023 will be a year be abuzz with activity!!! We hear you membership! The Board of Governors and Committees are now working hard on what you have as concerns:

q Parent Club By-Laws: Defining, revising and establish more opportunities for communication.

q The ESSFTA, myself and our Corresponding Secretary, Cathy Flanders, are fixing the error on the Breed Standard Revision mailing. I personally apologize. You will see a revised ballot by mid-February! The responses that we have received have been destroyed and the new ones will have REVISED clearly marked on them. Your efforts were not in vain. It has given us valuable insight for improvements on all levels of communication within the Parent Club.

q The ESSFTA will have a Membership vote for our Bench Governor At-Large position. More information to follow. Positives moving forward!!!

q The National Amateur Field Trial Championship at the end of the year is the 60th anniversary. It is centrally located in Nebraska. Were excited and working hard on all the aspects of it. When I went to the national specialty it really gave me a lot of great ideas of how to make it exciting on the field trial celebration side.

q The AKC is sending out Best Practices webinars. Sue Burgess is part of the sub-committee working hard to help Membership improve our processes! It gives you an opportunity to see operationally Parent club process and then you can use the things that will help your local clubs. Improvements on all levels. Please let us know if you need assistance.

q The ESSFTA is attending the National Pheasantfest and Quail Classic in Minneapolis Minnesota February 17-19, 2023. We will be in the Bird Dog alley sharing everything great about the flushing English Springer Spaniel. Here are the highlights Please visit our booth.

We will have our annual meetings May 6th and 7th in Minneapolis Minnesota. We have accommodations for the Membership to participate in person or by Zoom. More information to follow.

The ESSFTA membership is sending prayers, positive energy and thoughts for Gary Riddle and his family!!! We are here to support Gary, Josh and their families for Gary’s full and complete recovery from the accident.

Our dog sport community is a family, and we are deeply grateful that you are a part of it. Your hard work and devotion to our breed and our sports are key parts of what makes the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association great. Have fun, get involved, support your local Clubs and keep our organization great.

We wish you a happy, healthy, and joyous New Year!! Go Springers!!

Cristy K Joy 

ESSFTA President