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2019 Agility Awards

Agility Springer of the Year


- Dazzle -

Owner: Judith Valloze

YPS: 5.764

Photo by Jude Valloze

Thank you ESSFTA for honoring Dazzle with this prestigious award.  Thank you to his breeders Billie and Tim Edwards for breeding a wonderful dog.  He has brought immense joy and love to our lives.  Dazzle is a wonderful dog who exemplifies everything one would want in a springer.  A zest for life, a love of sports, a solid temperament, and extreme athleticism and biddability.  A dog who loves agility and every other sport he is involved in.  He is truly a one in a million dog. Thank you ESSFTA for recognizing us with this award. We are truly blessed.

Novice Springer of the Year

Hillcrest La Dolce Vita CD RN NA NAJ

- Dolce -

Owner: Akitsu Kimoto

Dolce is my first agility dog. I have always had a great desire to try running agility, however had little knowledge about how difficult, and competitive the sport can be.

Our agility journey started when Dolce was about a year old. Dolce makes me look good despite my novice handling skills. Dolce is a very hard worker and she is always willing to learn and try new things. In the last year Dolce has far exceeded my expectations. She is a joy to train and has a wonderful sense of humor and makes us laugh on a daily basis with her funny antics. She sure knows how to enjoy life!!!

Besides agility, Dolce and I “Play” with obedience, rally and scent work. Her favorite of the three would be scent work, mostly because she is sharp enough to recognize that it is the quickest way to get her rewards.

I would like to thank my trainers, friends and supporters who have been part of our journey. First and foremost, special thanks to her breeder, Henriette Schmidt, Ginger and Linda McGrady, for giving me this special girl. I am very grateful to have Dolce in my life. Many thanks to Alicia Nicholas, Val Thompson and Curt Brill for your continuous support.

Thank you ESSFTA for honoring Dolce & I with this award.

Open Agility Springer of the Year

Topguns Can't Take My Eyes Off You RN OA OAJ OF DJ DN CGC TKI

- Kylee -

Owners: Margaret & Thomas Bielecky

YPS: 3.701

We would like to thank the ESSFTA for honoring Kylee with the 2019 Agility Open Springer award. We are very proud and humbled.

 A special thanks to Topguns breeder Patty Salzwedel for letting us share our lives with these wonderful Springers. Many thanks to our trainer Barb Davis for her patience and never ending knowledge.

 Kylee is full of lively energy and excitement. She gives her all in everything she does. Kylee loves agility and her frisbee. In addition to agility, she competes in rally and dock diving. Kylee is so much fun and exuberant that she makes us laugh many times a day. Kylee is everything you could ask for in an agility dog plus an awesome dog at home. We love her so much.

Excellent Agility Springer of the Year

MACH Merfey's Meadow of Ferns CD RA MXB MJB OF RATO CGC

- Fern -

Owner: Jenny Kroll

YPS: 4.395

Fern is the granddaughter to my first agility Springer, HayLee. Fern definitely seems to have inherited the desire, drive and success for doing agility. In just 11 months from entering the agility ring for the first time she earned her Novice, Open, Excellent, and Master Champion Agility titles.

Fern is a very active girl who loves to be outside. When she's not doing agility she loves to be running in the fields hunting, swimming and digging for moles.

We are still developing and learning as a team and I can't wait to see what the future holds.  

Thank you for the award of Excellent Springer in 2019.


Preferred Springer of the Year


- Dragon -


YPS:  4.248

Please accept my sincere thanks for the honor of being awarded Preferred Agility Springer of the Year. Dragon is my third generation of Moonhill ESS to do agility. Starting with his Grandmother Legend of Moonhill UD MX AXJ OAP OJP and his father CH MACH 2 Moonhill’s Magic Merlin CD RN MXS2 MJS2 OAP OJP. He started training at 6 months old and earned his first Q January 2010, and from there we were off and running. Early on Dragon was also competing in Conformation finishing his Championship February 2013. Dragon earned his first MACH January 2014, MACH 2 May 2015, MACH 3 June 2016, MACH 4 June 2017, finishing his MACH career October 2018 with MACH 5. Then starting his Preferred Agility career earning first his PAX October 2019 and his first PACH November 2019. He’s one double Q from PAX 2.

Dragon has competed in two AKC National Agility Championships (this year would have been his third), Three Westminster Master Agility Championships, The Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and the AKC Invitational for Dock Diving. He competes in many different dog sports including Obedience, Rally, Dock Diving, Coursing Ability, Trick Dog, Barn Hunt and he has his CGCA.

Dragon is more than a canine athlete; he is my closest companion. He was emotional support as I went through a second diagnosis of breast cancer. Competing through chemo, and radiation treatments gave me something to look forward to getting me through one of the worst times of my life.

Dragon has had an incredible career. With the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic we continue to play agility in the backyard. We look forward to competing and seeing all our friends again. Thank you again.