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2018 Agility Awards

Agility Springer of the Year

MACH16 Crownroyal’s Migh-Tea Elf fMXC4, MJS5, XF, T2B2, 

Jim and Tammy Sieburg

First off, we would like to thank the ESSFTA for honoring Link with this award.

We never imagined that we would have a dog like Link. Even though we only train once a week, Link is a quick learner and is always patient with us to redo a sequence until we catch up to his level. With agility courses getting more complicated and difficult, Link is always willing to learn new skills. He is as enthusiastic in class as he is at a trial. He loves the game of agility! Link has been invited to the AKC Agility Invitational 6 times and has been in the finals twice. We are grateful to Link's instructor, Dana Pike, for teaching us the newest handling techniques while keeping it fun for all 3 of us.  Along with agility, Link loves to swim, ride on our jet ski and go sledding.

Thank you to Link's breeders Mary Osbun, Laurie Green, Debbie Peck and Jennifer Kettleson for always cheering us on.

Our Little Brown Boy is really something special!

Photo by Scott Persky of Photos by Toto. 


Novice Agility Springer of the Year

CH. VinEwood’s Make Mine A Double CD RA AX AXJ OF

Owner: Shannon Shepherd

All Kazee’s breeder asked, was that I “try” agility…knowing full well that I never do anything halfway. As my first agility dog, I have retrained things more times than I would care to admit, but Kazee takes it all in stride and continues to gain admirers at each trial.

Fast, with a good balance of handler and obstacle focus, Kazee loves to drive ahead and find his lines. We have already started our MACH journey and we continue to grow as a team with every single trial. Kazee loves the sport of agility and it shows on each jump and piece of contact equipment, as well as with his loud barking. 

I am so happy I decided to “try” this venue with him and I appreciate all of the support fellow competitors have given me as a newbie to the game. Thank you ESSFTA for honoring Kazee with this award.

Open Agility Springer of the Year

Felicity’s Life Of Riley AX AXJ OF CGC TKI

     OWNER:  Pam Locke


I am thrilled to accept the 2018 Open Agility Springer of the Year award on behalf of Riley.  It is special given it is from the ESS parent club.  I am so grateful for all ESSFTA does on behalf of this special breed. 

On that note, I am forever grateful to Riley’s breeders, Al and Terry Patton, for allowing me to make Riley and his sister part of my life   Felicity springers are the embodiment of the breed standard and they are the embodiment of ideal breeders.  We consider them family  and they continue to provide me invaluable advice and encouragement.

Riley’s training began with obedience classes from Terry.  My only goal was to get Riley’s CGC title.  Then while in St. Louis caring for family, I happened across Dog Sports at Kim’s.  We started taking refresher obedience lessons from Kim Berkley, before venturing into an introductory agility class when Riley was 8 months old.  My goal was for Riley to have fun.  But soon competition seemed possible.  I entered Riley in his first trial in March 2018 with the goal to get him use to the trial environment.  He was still quite green, so we were all surprised when he qualified 4/6 runs.  By the end of Nov 2018, Riley had earned his Excellent titles in Standard and JWW and his Open FAST title and had more than half the legs needed for his Master titles in Standard and JWW  titles.  My thanks to Kim and Joanne Bockhorn, who handled Riley in the classes and trials.  This award is as much theirs as it is Riley’s.  They, and all of the DSK instructors, are amazing!

I am very proud of all Riley’s accomplishments, but most of all, I am proud to share my life with this lovable springer!

Excellent Agility Springer of the Year

CH Spot On’s Spunky Monkey AX MXJ OF T2B DJ CGC TKN

Owners: Michelle Gossett

Call Name: Chim

Thank you ESSFTA for recognizing CH Spot On’s Spunky Monkey- Chim, as Excellent Agility Springer of 2018.  What an honor to win this award. 

Chim follows in a long pedigree of dogs who have won parent club awards over the years. This includes: His daddy- Splash-CH OTCH MACH8 Topgun’s VinEwood Makin’ A Splash.  His granddaddy-Titus- GCH CH Wil-Orion’s Twenty-Twenty-.  And his grandmother-Ellie- CH MACH4 PACH2 Wil-Orion’s Hearts On Fire.

Knowing the Q’s would come once we had a solid foundation, my goal for 2018 was to give our best effort each and every time we stepped to the line.  The desired outcome was to build teamwork, speed, confidence and a partnership that would seal our relationship as a team.  Achieving this outcome is what will carry us forward in a long, fun future together.   

As the breeder of this remarkable dog, I am so thankful that the stars aligned and we were able to make Chim's litter happen.  The litter created a wonderful group of dogs, and one very special Chim.

After all, haven't you always wanted a monkey???

Preferred Agility Springer of the Year


Owner: B. A. Breeze

I’m thrilled beyond belief that Niki has again won the Preferred Agility Springer of the Year for 2018.  This is the second year in a row she has done this.  Go Niki!

Last year Niki earned her PACH 4 & 5, and she is 3 double Q’s and 560 points away from her PACH 6.  We are lucky enough to be able to run on the average 3 weekends a month. Niki was invited to attend the AKC Agility Invitational in Florida. Unfortunately, I was unable to run her due to a pulled hamstring. Not missing a beat, Niki ran like a champ with pretty much a virtual stranger.  This was the first time they had run together and she came home with a qualifying ribbon! What a trooper she is. 

Niki will be 12 years young on August 3rd.  My plan is to keep her active in this sport as long as she is still having fun.

Once again, thank you ESSFTA for honoring Niki with this award.