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Connor high point crop

Connor Wharton earned the 2012 National Amateur High Point award with AFC Pinecroft Princess Peyton (FC OGallaher's Taylor x FC AFC Expressway's Princess Polly). Connor is just 17, and Peyton just turned 3 in August. Connor and Peyton competed often against the 2010 National Amateur Champion, NAFC FC AFC CFC CAFC Flushing Wing Annie and her owner/handler, Fred Musone, not to mention his father Greg, and brother Spencer in the course of accumulating their wins and points. The Wharton family bred the litter Peyton came from, which so far has produced two other Amateur champions. Also impressive, Connor and Peyton finished the 2011 National Amateur, a notable accomplishment in itself, and particularly for a dog that then was just over two.

Connor Peyton trophies

Congratulations, Connor and Peyton. You're a great team, and we look forward to your further accomplishments together!