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English Springer Spaniel Puppy

Welcome to the new ESSFTA website! MANY thanks to our incredible WordPress developers, WayLay Design. Wayne and Selina have been terrific to work with, and made the conversion process as simple for us as possible.While we celebrate going into the future, we must also recognize the efforts of those who came before. Without these people, our website would not have the great content it does, or have reached as many fans of the English Springer Spaniel. Our gratitude goes to Cheryl Sligar, Sandi Dremel, and Cindy McElligott for all of their many contributions.

We hope to bring fresh content to our site via our blog on a semi-frequent basis, as we find interesting topics and writers to share with you, so please come by to visit periodically. If you're a true fan of the breed, we would certainly welcome you as a member. See the "About Us" page for more information about ESSFTA or visit the "Get a Membership"page to access membership information and an application.