The ESSFTA is comprised of and dedicated to people who love English Springer Spaniels. This web site aims to provide you with current and accurate information about this wonderful and versatile breed.

By designating the ESSFTA the "parent club" of the breed, the AKC recognizes us as the national organization solely sanctioned to steward the ESS breed standard and rules for ESS-only performance events in the United States.

Over the last century, English Springer Spaniel breeders have focused their efforts on either conformation or field work. This has caused the breed to evolve into two distinct "varieties" - field and bench. Both "varieties", however, when properly bred, can represent the breed very well, but it behooves the potential buyer to familiarize him or herself with the spectrum of choices to insure that one obtains the English Springer spaniel that will best meet his or her needs and expectations.


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NOTICE 2021 National Specialty Updates

 April 9, 2021

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ESSFTA Statement regarding Pandemic

 Parent Club Alert!

Executive Summary

The Parent Club Board of Governors is issuing this Alert of increased concern of

injury and even death to our animals caused by “Mean Seeds” or Grass Awns.

There seems to be more cases as these grasses have increased their range

throughout the US. To raise awareness, we have issued this Alert.

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