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Supplement to Pro to Am Proposal

UPDATE:  Please e-mail your input and questionnaires to rulesadvcomm@essfta.org.

The Board of Governors would like to clarify a possible misunderstanding regarding the recent PROPOSAL AND QUESTIONNAIRE that was distributed to clubs and members via email, Announce, ESSFTA website and ESSFT.com website.  It has been brought to our attention that many in the field trial community feel that we are being mandated to change this rule by the AKC.  While it is NOT a mandate that we must allow a process for a Pro to regain his Amateur status, doing so would make the spaniel FT game more consistent with the other sporting breeds.

If you have already submitted your questionnaire to Skip Smith, you may change it by sending either a new form to Skip (see previous post), or simply sending an email with an additional comment.  If you have NOT submitted your questionnaire, please fill one out and feel free to add your comments to either Question #1 or Question #5 the statement that you are opposed to making any changes to the rule.

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